Caroline Stanbury Used Ozempic for Her Weight Loss Post-IVF

Gaining weight is a common side effect of IVF that Caroline was unprepared for. Here's how she handled it.

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Jun. 28 2024, Published 3:00 a.m. ET

Caroline Stabury poses for 'RHODubai' Season 2 promo
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Season two of RHODubai has featured a lot of the couple Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo. The newlywed couple is in the midst of exiting their honeymoon phase and are still just as lovey-dovey with a splash of tension thanks to Sergio's desire for children. Caroline, who is in her late 40s, has no desire for any more children, having had her own, who are all now well into adulthood. But, since then, she has been more open to his dream of having a child, and they begin doing IVF treatments.

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The relationship that Caroline and Sergio have is one that Real Housewives of Dubai fans are thoroughly entertained by, whether they love it or hate it. His sincere love and adoration of Caroline is blatantly obvious. It makes sense that Sergio wants to have children with her. After she decided to acquiesce to his request, they began doing rounds of IVF. One unfortunate side effect of IVF is weight gain, and Caroline used a housewife's favorite to shed the extra pounds.

Caroline Stanbury smiling onstage during BravoCon 2023
Source: Bravo
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How 'Real Housewives of Dubai' Star Caroline Stanbury handled her IVF weight gain.

Gaining weight is a common side effect of IVF that Caroline was unprepared for after she finished her first two rounds of the treatments. She gained 18 pounds, which she spoke of during an interview with Us Weekly. She shared that the usual methods of weight loss were not working for her. She said, "At 45, it becomes very, very hard to lose weight. And I'm not lazy." She continued saying, "I'm not lying at home doing nothing." She decided to try a well-known method to help her lose weight.

Caroline Stanbury poses for photo on WWHL red carpet
Source: Bravo
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Caroline Stanbury's weight loss help came from Ozempic

Caroline shared that she started Ozempic to help her lose the 18 pounds. With the struggle she was having losing weight, Ozempic was the perfect fix. She said, "Why be miserable when you can get back to how you were?" She said this after expressing enthusiasm for the diabetes medication. Caroline also shared that when it's time to try IVF again, Ozempic will definitely be a part of her weight loss if needed. She shared that she's no longer on it as she and Sergio live pretty healthy lifestyles.

Caroline Stanbury poses for a photo with a fan at BravoCon2023
Source: Bravo

Ozempic is the word on everybody's lips in the 'Real Housewives' universe.

The use of Ozempic has been a hot topic, especially at Bravo in recent years. When Kyle Richards returned to RHOBH's 13th season, she was noticeably thinner. People guessed she was on Ozempic, but Kyle said it was giving up alcohol and exercise that helped her. There are those who find Ozempic use shameful, while others rave about it. The ones who shame it probably feel like it's cheating. And then there are those like Caroline who have shouted their love for it from the rooftops.

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