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Source: istock

Carpenter Keeps Trolling Entitled Customer Who Keeps Making Unreasonable Demands


People are cracking up at the way this carpenter handled a rude customer who kept insisting on an impossible deadline for a custom table to be built.

Once upon a time, I used to "help out" fellow college students with their research papers. Sometimes the help was a little more involved than others and for the most part, barring two scary close calls, I had great customers who liked my work and everything was fine.

But every now and then I'd get someone who'd frantically approach me on campus or email me asking to have a 10-page research paper on a topic I'd never even heard of that was due the next morning. They'd be demanding, demeaning in their request, and balk at the prices I'd give them, which were pretty low to begin with. 

Then, even after warning them I couldn't promise a decent grade due to the time frame, they'd come back demanding a refund if they got a C or B on the paper.