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Source: Universal Pictures

We All Knew 'Cats' Was Gonna Be Terrible, so Its 2020 Razzies Sweep Is No Surprise


When it was announced that the strange Broadway musical phenomenon, Cats was going to be turned into a major motion picture in 2019, everyone knew it was probably going to bomb. There's no explanation for why the feline-focused play ever became a smash success. It's one of those things, like Alf, that no one can really express why it was as cherished as it was.

But here we are, months after the film's release — and it's sweeping up the 2020 Razzies like we knew it would.

Let's give credit where credit is due before rattling off all of the "worst" categories Cats earned for itself at the opposite-Oscars. There's something to be said of a production team that took a ridiculous idea they most definitely conceived of while stoned out of their minds and then secured millions upon millions of dollars to create, while simultaneously getting some of the world's most recognizable names and stars attached to the project.