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Source: iStock Photo

CEO Sends Distraught Mom Home to Tend to Son Even Though She Was Out of Sick Days


Rampant capitalism has resulted in the diminished rights of workers. The general greed of big bosses has led to many employees being treated like garbage. They're expected to work long hours for little pay and make their job a priority over everything else in their lives, including their families. Restrictive vacation and sick day policies have become standard in the U.S. 

But all this does is create stress, decrease productivity, and make people resent their employers. This is one story about a CEO who understands that his employees are people with full lives and concerns other than their work to attend to, not just cogs in a money-making machine. And this story is also proof that when you give your employees leeway to take care of themselves out of work, they turn around and bring their best stuff to the job at hand.

Source: iStock Photo