Chad Daybell's Family Begged Him to Cooperate With Police While He Was Being Investigated

One of Chad Daybell's brothers pleaded with him to come forward about where J.J. Vallow and Tylee Ryan were, but it was too late.

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Apr. 24 2024, Published 10:19 p.m. ET

Chad Daybell with his first wife Tammy Daybell
Source: YouTube/KTVB (video still)

Chad Daybell with Tammy Daybell

In April 2024, Chad Daybell's murder trial began. According to CBS News, he stands accused of "conspiracy to commit murder in the deaths of J.J. [Vallow] and Tylee [Ryan], which includes conspiracy to commit grand theft by deception. He is also charged with conspiracy to commit murder as well as two counts of insurance fraud in the death of Tammy Daybell." J.J. and Tylee were the children of Lori Vallow, Daybell's second wife. Tammy was his first wife.

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During his trial, texts between Daybell and Vallow revealed some of his innermost thoughts, reported ABC 12 News. He described feeling trapped by the life he built with Tammy, and was his happiest when he could escape with Vallow, his "Goddess lover." Their relationship was built on greed, religious fanaticism, and carnal needs. When the children disappeared, everyone looked to Daybell and Vallow who were cagey regarding their whereabouts. That included his family, who begged Daybell to come clean.

Memorial for Tylee Ryan and J.J. Vallow
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Chad Daybell's siblings as well as his parents released statements about J.J. and Tylee.

Daybell's brother Matt Daybell released a statement to East Idaho News in January 2020 asking his brother to tell authorities where his stepchildren were. Matt was very clear about the fact that this statement was reflective of the views and opinions held by him and his immediate family, not Daybell's other brother or his parents.

Matt and his wife Heather lived in Rexburg, Idaho, where Daybell lived, for 15 years. Despite this, Matt and Daybell hadn't communicated since Tammy's memorial service in October 2019. "Since that time, I have texted Chad twice," wrote Matt. "Once, when I heard from a neighbor of his quick marriage to Lori Vallow, expressing to him my shock and dismay at this news. Second, just recently, pleading with Chad to cooperate with authorities and reveal the whereabouts of his new stepchildren."

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Daybell and Matt haven't been close since childhood and this distance was exacerbated by Daybell's increasingly concerning religious beliefs. Six months later, a second statement was released to the outlet but this time it was for a different reason. Daybell's other brother Paul, along with his parents, took the time to share their condolences about J.J. and Tylee whose bodies were found on Daybell's property.

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"It is with heavy hearts and extreme sadness, that we wish to express our love and condolences to the families of J.J. and Tylee," it began. "We have hoped and prayed over the many months for the safety and well-being of J.J. and Tylee and we are devastated by their passing. We are heartbroken that these beautiful children’s lives were ended tragically and prematurely and for the emptiness and pain it leaves in the lives of their loved ones." They also mourned the loss of Tammy, whom they loved deeply.

Chad Daybell and his brothers were once grave diggers.

The Deseret News profiled Daybell and his siblings in August 1992, commending them for their entrepreneurial skills. Evidently digging graves to earn money for college was a proud Daybell family tradition. At the time, Daybell was 24 years old and spoke about being a gravedigger before he headed to Brigham Young University. "I would consider digging graves my first real job," he said. "I liked the exercise and flexible hours. It lets your body work while your mind rests from school."

Paul (21) and Matt (19) were following in the footsteps of their older brother. "It was kind of weird at first," Paul told the outlet. "The weirdest thing about the job is knowing you're digging holes to bury dead people." Matt was on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Canary Islands, but wanted to return to grave digging after he got back. The youngest son, Brad, has already asked about the family work but their youngest sister Becky isn't showing any interest.

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