"The Church Don't Love You" — Woman Shows Sad Food Served at Aunt's Funeral

A woman on social media was outraged after her aunt's church of 50-plus years skimped on the food at her funeral repass. Details ahead.

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Sep. 7 2023, Published 6:49 p.m. ET

Church folk. That’s it. That’s the article.

As a God-fearing woman who grew up in the bible belt, I’m no stranger to organized religion and the chaos that comes with it. The house of God should be a safe space — but the real ones know that church people can often be the worst ones.

This contradiction is one that’s lived on for generations — so much so, that many people have turned away from the institution altogether. And can you really blame them?

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Let’s take Sheila Asa Patton Daniels, for example. In a viral post on Facebook, Sheila put a church on blast after how they handled her aunt’s funeral. According to Sheila, her aunt had served as a member of the church for 50-plus years — in return, they served the family cheap food at the repast.

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A woman says a church served cheap food at her aunt's funeral and leaves the internet outraged.

Sheila shocked the internet when she showed off the plate of food that was served at her aunt’s funeral repast. And excuse my language, but it was a d--- shame.

On a paper plate, there were three grapes, some crackers, and cake, as well as an unappetizing scoop of what appeared to be potato salad … or chicken salad … or tuna salad. It’s unclear.

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“Can you believe my Aunt Mae Frances King was a member for over 50 years (Faith Temple Church of God In Christ)? This [is] the food the church gave for her repast,” Sheila said in the post.

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“The church don’t love you. All that money you put [into] it,” she added. “The church offered! We didn’t ask! The family offered money! And they turned it down and did this!”

More of Mrs. Mae Frances King’s family members also chimed in on the post.

“My great-grandmother was a member of this church since she was in her twenties. She did everything such as church mother, pastor’s aid, [cleaning], [cooking], fundraising, etc. She deserved better.” Mrs. King’s great-granddaughter added. “Simple.”

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Another member of the family wrote: “Pitiful my auntie dedicated so much love in Faith Temple, our family was so disappointed in whatever this was for a repast, this is [an] insult.”

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Much like Sheila and her family, the comment section was livid about what happened — well, at least most people were. Others argued that the church didn’t do anything wrong.

So, who was in the wrong? Social media users went at it in the comment section.

According to one Facebook commenter, it was on the family to make sure that there was enough food at the funeral for everyone.

The church don’t owe the family a repast dinner. You know d--- well that the family and friends do the cooking. Or the nieces (y’all young ones),” she wrote. “That’s selfish to speak on the church 'cause of the snacks.”

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Another commenter, who felt the opposite, shared Sheila’s outrage. “I would've taken all their communion juice and crackers for pain and suffering. Now 1st Sundays you gotta use water and bread,” she wrote.

Due to the backlash, the church has since shut down its Facebook page — and at this point, it’s probably for the best.

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