"Gonna Think About That With Every Bite" — Chipotle Worker Shades Man for Ordering $25 Bowl

Kelly Corbett - Author

Dec. 26 2023, Published 11:56 a.m. ET

Some customers walk out of Chipotle feeling delighted. Like this man, who complimented a worker and received a surprise discount on his meal. But other customers can't seem to relate.

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In fact, they may walk out feeling a bit down or self-conscious about how much they ordered. Take it from this man, who just took to TikTok to explain the unneeded interaction he had with a Chipotle worker.

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A Chipotle customer was seemingly shaded by a worker for his order.

TikTok user Bobby Kazz (@bobbykazz) shared in a video that he had just gotten back from Chipotle. “I was really hungry so I ordered pretty much everything," he said, with his order in view. He noted that it contained double steak, queso, guac, beans, extra rice, and a tortilla on the side.

But when Bobby went to pay for his order, he had a weird exchange with the cashier.

"I go to pay, and the guy at the register literally reads my order top to bottom, which has never happened before. Usually, they’ll just say 'double steak, extra tortilla,'" Bobby explained, but this employee seemingly took the time to read out every ingredient.

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“After that, he looks me dead in the eye and goes, ‘Oh, so you’re a hungry boy today, huh?'" Bobby recounted.

Reenacting his response to the camera, Bobby said: "Yeah, dude, I’m a hungry boy. Yup, you caught me, man. Sue me. I’m sorry.”

Reflecting on the encounter, Bobby said: “You know, now I’m going to think about that with every bite I take of this Chipotle.”

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Bobby also noted that the employee said to him, “Here’s your $25 [bowl], man," which felt like he was trying to throw shade. However, Bobby explained that at that point, he didn't even care the bowl was so expensive, he was just so hungry.

Users in the comment section had a lot to say about Bobby's video.

One reflected on how the Mexican fast food chain has become more expensive. "Remember when Chipotle was $7?"

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Another user shared they had a similar experience in Wawa. "I went to Wawa one time 6 years ago and a random teenager said 'enjoy your shortie and soup' in a condescending tone and I think about it every day," read their comment.

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And others had a lot to say about how the employee's comment was just totally unwarranted. "I'm so sorry, that was such an unnecessary thing for him to say," said a third.

"I would be devastated," chimed in a fourth.

Others pointed out specifically how commenting on someone's food choices can be harmful. "I’ll be so confident then someone will simply perceive my eating habits and I’ll either crumble or throw hands," read a comment.

"My greatest fear is someone commenting on my food as I’m buying it," wrote another.

Some folks claimed that someone commenting on their food would "haunt" them or make them cry.

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Recently, another TikTok user claimed to have been food-shamed while buying lunch at Panera Bread. It's safe to say that some things are just better left unsaid.

But as one user pointed out, "As a Chipotle employee we get literally 100 orders like this a day and we do not care. He was just making convo. Don’t stress."

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