Customer Compliments a Chipotle Worker, Gets a Surprise When He Goes to Pay

After a customer casually complimented a Chipotle worker, the customer received a surprise when he went to pay for his order. Details here.

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Aug. 7 2023, Published 7:06 p.m. ET

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Some life advice regarding Chipotle? Order the kid's meal for a decently sized portion that won’t break the bank. Also, if you're looking for a career change, Chipotle may just be the place for your next chapter according to this woman who prefers assembling burritos to her previous six-figure tech job. Oh, and one more thing! Be nice to the workers because they just might reciprocate with a special surprise. Yes, the last one is very important!

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One man’s trip to Chipotle ended on a delightful note after he took the time to compliment a worker. All I can say is take notes as this man’s kindness was indeed rewarded.

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A customer complimented a Chipotle employee and his kindness went a long way.

TikTok creator Jacksen Pierce (@jacksen_pierce) shared a video filmed from inside his car where he talked about his recent trip to the fast-food burrito chain.

“I went to Chipotle today and the guy who was making my bowl had a little piece of paper that he balled up. He threw it in the trash and made it. And I was like 'nice shot,'" Jacksen said.

He claimed the man looked at him and started to smile.

He continued to order his bowl with double meat as normal. But as the worker transferred Jacksen's bowl to his co-worker, he said something to her in Spanish. Jacksen said he heard the worker say “it's for a friend.”

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The woman then assembled the rest of Jacksen bowl and wrapped it up. But as she marked the meal for the cashier, she did something unexpected.

“She put, like, the one little ‘c’ for ‘chicken’ instead of the double meat I had asked for and she kind of gave me this conspirational little face,” Jacksen said, implying that he had received a discount on his meal.

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“I don’t know what the lesson in that was precisely,” Jacksen said, adding, “That dude, he, like, made the whole day for me. That was great. Today was a good day.”

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Source: tiktok
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People in the comment section loved this sweet little anecdote. “I love lil human stories like this,” wrote one user.

Another user worked: “As someone who worked at Chipotle, yes haha if you’re nice to us we will absolutely give you free stuff."

A third comment just read: "The lesson was … compliments are free, they cost us nothing, but mean so much to the recipient."

And a fourth user penned: "I used to work at Chipotle and it was so rough sometimes that a smidge of kindness shown made me cry."

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tiktok comment chipotle customer compliment employee
Source: TikTok

Elsewhere, a Chipotle customer started working the register to help out the staff during a busy time.

Jacksen isn't the only person on TikTok who has shown some love for Chipotle workers.

A TikTok creator named Nikki (@brown_eyed_girl95) previously went viral after posting a video of her friend hopping behind the register of a busy Chipotle restaurant in an attempt to get their food more quickly and help out overwhelmed employees in the process.

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However, it wasn't as well received as Jacksen's compliment was.

While it appeared that she was trying to do a semi-good deed, people had mixed reactions to this woman jumping behind the register. But weirdly enough, she was not reprimanded by the staff for intruding. Many assumed that the staff was overworked and didn't even care that she had stepped in.

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