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People Shared Their Hilarious "One Minute of Fame" Stories With Chrissy Teigen



If you're not on Twitter, then I'd reckon you aren't following the right people and Chrissy Teigen is a fabulous individual to start with. Not only will she share fantastic recipes with you and relate hilarious stories of her personal life with hubby John Legend and all the famous folks they hang out with, but she isn't afraid to clap back at people who give her guff either. Her account is truly a treasure trove of Twitter greatness.

The best part is that she actively uses Twitter, is quick to interact with fans and seems genuinely interested while doing it, so that's always a plus.

Like when she posed a recent question to her 12.7 million followers and asked if they've ever been famous for "1 minute."

She was particularly fascinated with "stupid" stories of people's sixty seconds of fame that they would share at dinner parties or in their group of friends. While someone with such a large Twitter reach is always bound to get some good replies, this entire thread is a treasure trove of fleeting fame delight.

What transpired was a string of bizarre and often accidental modeling jobs, viral video content, and celebs fangirling over content that people made. Like Rebecca Brayton of Watch Mojo, like when Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon freaked out over meeting Rebecca when she was supposed to be interviewing them. Zendaya didn't get a word in edgewise, but two outta three ain't bad.

Twitter user @van_faux revealed that she is the face behind this dazzling Rupaul's Drag Race GIF. Yes, being a meme definitely counts in this instance as a one minute of fame scenario.

There were also a ton of viral stories that made it on there too.

Like this badass geologist who got revenge on her drunk neighbors for a prank they pulled involving a boulder. Fantastic.

Of course, there were a lot of extras and background actors who posted as well. This Very Cavallari still needs to be turned into a Renaissance painting.

Modeling gigs are always kind of bizarre, posing in front of hot lights and contorting your body to be as pleasing as possible to a camera lens is weird enough, but wearing hot dog leggings while doing it just ups the strangeness to entirely new levels.

If you're going to be a background extra in a TV show, then you can do a lot worse than The Walking Dead, especially when you're the first male zombie who was ever killed in it. That's more than one minute of fame, my friend, that's a solid three.

People also posted their celebrity encounters. I guess being next to someone famous has their fame rub off on you temporarily, plus she got pics to establish the fame-by-association connection.

The amount of accidental models in the thread is crazy too. Like Chrissy says in her replies to all of the stories: "So many of you on this thread were USED and need to get paid!!!"

While that's the case for models who unknowingly had their likeness used for promotional purposes, I'm sure getting into Teen People accidentally while you're huge N'Sync fan in 2001 is the kind of happy whoopsy-daisy any teen boy band enthusiast would die for.

Getting punched in the face on John Oliver, however, is a close second to that.

Chrissy and Kim K. are friends, so it's no surprise that the Lip Sync Battle personality didn't respond to this tweet, but yes, getting blocked by a famous person for a pretty innocuous tweet is kind of a big deal.

The crown jewel, however, and one that perfectly captures the spirit of this one-minute of fame is Michael Buble comparing a woman to his 4-month old daughter.

Just precious.

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