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Source: Twitter / YouTube

Chuck E. Cheese's Responds to Shane Dawson "Conspiracy" About Splicing Together Old Pizza


In a viral video posted this week, YouTuber Shane Dawson explored a common claim that many of us have heard over the years – that employees of Chuck E. Cheese collect uneaten pizza slices from the dining area and fit those pieces back together and re-serve them as part of a new pizza. 

The rumor is almost as old as Chuck E. Cheese itself, and has become even more prevalent in the age of social media, with users sharing photos of what appear to be complete pizzas with mismatched slices. In the video, titled "Investigating Conspiracies with Shane Dawson," Shane visits the restaurant chain with a friend and concludes that "there’s something going on." 

Shane also inspected a few of the restaurant's pizzas at home, trying to move the slices around to see if the pieces fit. “I don’t know,” Dawson states. “And I hope it’s just [an] optical illusion.”