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Source: Twitter

This Woman's Captions for Classic Paintings Will Make Women Laugh and Cry at the Same Time


What is the purpose of art? Many use it to grapple with universal truths and big questions humans face. Others feel that it is more of a stylized reflection of our deepest natures. So, if life imitates art, and vice versa, as the saying goes, it has become clear that the world is full of women being pestered by men who should really just leave them alone. There are so many classical paintings in which men surround and talk to women who look utterly and completely bored and done with them.

If you are a woman, you probably deal with unwanted attention from men a lot We experience it every single day. It's at the same time reassuring and infuriating to see centuries-old works of art that clearly illustrate "mansplaining"...because it's been happening literally since the beginning of time. One writer, Nicole Tersigni, compiled some of these classic works of art and wrote truly brilliant captions for them that will make women everywhere laugh and rage at the same time.