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This Woman's Captions for Classic Paintings Will Make Women Laugh and Cry at the Same Time



What is the purpose of art? Many use it to grapple with universal truths and big questions humans face. Others feel that it is more of a stylized reflection of our deepest natures. So, if life imitates art, and vice versa, as the saying goes, it has become clear that the world is full of women being pestered by men who should really just leave them alone. There are so many classical paintings in which men surround and talk to women who look utterly and completely bored and done with them.

If you are a woman, you probably deal with unwanted attention from men a lot We experience it every single day. It's at the same time reassuring and infuriating to see centuries-old works of art that clearly illustrate "mansplaining"...because it's been happening literally since the beginning of time. One writer, Nicole Tersigni, compiled some of these classic works of art and wrote truly brilliant captions for them that will make women everywhere laugh and rage at the same time. 

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She's looking straight into "the camera," like Jim from The Office. Her expression says, "I'm just trying to mind my own business and enjoy this train ride, and this Monopoly Man-looking piece of crap keeps bothering me." 

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This is a jury room, which means she's probably the only woman on this jury, and I bet you those men are trying to convince her a man she thinks is guilty may have done something terrible but is well-liked in the community or something. We stan a woman who won't buckle under pressure... and that one dude in the corner who doesn't want to be part of the problem. 

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The look on her face is too much! It's amazing. But you can't see the dude in this shot. Let's take a closer look...

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Oh my, what a turd. He's clearly trying to neg her into going out with him, but he has the face of a toddler and the suit of Captain Hook, so I don't think she'll be saying yes to a date with him anytime soon. 

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She's just so tired of all this. While this guy is going on and on about how she needs to be nicer to men and her experience is either made-up or wildly exaggerated, she's slowly descending into one of those naps where you fall asleep because you're too angry to be awake.

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Not only is this dude definitely drunk and self-pitying, but he's a total creep! His arm is around her shoulder and he's definitely looking at her chest, and he doesn't even know her! He's just the bartender!

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She just looks so sad. And I can't blame her. It looks like such a lovely day. The sun is shining, the foliage is beautiful, and there's a dude three inches from her face trying to ruin it. 

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Not only does she have to wear a corset, a frilly shirt, and a ridiculous hat, but she also has to tolerate this clearly desperate man explaining to her why corsets are actually empowering for women. I hope she knocked his absinthe over.

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You know how sometimes you completely zone out, tune out the world around you, and listen to your breathing because doing anything else will make you absolutely lose it? That's 100 percent what this woman is feeling right now. The grip on her parasol keeps tightening without her trying. 

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"Oh really? First of all, I am covered from head to toe in several layers of fabric. Second of all, what is that ridiculous hat? It makes me think you must be compensating for something." 

While Nicole's thread may have ended, the memes have not. Here are even more rage-inducing paintings featuring men bothering women...

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Many of the artists who painted these were men, too, so they either they are masochistic freaks or they really don't understand that when a woman is lying on a couch with her face in her hands, leaning away from you, that means she wants you to go away.

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Yas, girl, get him with that clever, evasive answer! Her smirk is priceless. It says, "Oh, there's more where that came from. I hide all my snark in my frilly neck collar thingy."

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Here's a little tip for dudes from all centuries: If a woman is doing something — anything! — like reading a book on a bench in a super fancy park or listening to music through headphones on the subway, just don't talk to her. She doesn't want your attention.

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This pretty much sums it up. Art and life are simply filled to the brim with men who consistently disappoint women. Girl, pick up that oar and float your boat far away from that wispy-mustached loser. You're way better than that.

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