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Source: twitter/imgur

10 Con Artists Who Are Really Bad at Their Job


There are some very clever scammers on the internet who use convincing tactics to secure money and sensitive information from their targets. But you won't find any of those here. 

These are the lazy scammers just hoping if they hit enough people they'll eventually find somebody literally born yesterday with a flush bank account. Instead, they found savvy consumers looking to have a little fun, either by trolling them to waste their time or just by broadcasting their stupidity for all to see. Sure, it's probably best to ignore obvious scams and phishing attempts, but where's the fun in that?

It's so nice to talk to someone interested in *me* for a change...

A lot of people saw this tweet and didn't get that this "king" is definitely in on the joke. Obviously this guy knows his new internet GF is not a stock photography model and her questions are not innocent attempts to get to know him better. This is definitely what folks in the comedy world call "a bit," where he's playing the hopelessly gullible guy too love-starved to see when he's being played.