Cody Orlove's Dating History Is at the Top of Mind for His Followers

Cody Orlove’s dating history took a turn when one of his exes decided to call him out in a TikTok video. Naturally, Cody clapped back.

Jamie Lerner - Author

Sep. 22 2023, Published 4:27 p.m. ET

Sometimes when we need a little drama to keep life interesting, there’s no better place to turn than to TikTok. TikToker Cody Orlove, who boasts almost 8 million followers, keeps his love life in the spotlight for his followers. And after his 2023 breakup with Tess Krauser, fans are keeping a keen eye out to see who Cody is dating.

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And this isn’t the first time that Cody’s been open about his romantic affairs. Before he dated Tess, Cody was dating another prominent social media personality, Zoe LaVerne. And now, some recent TikTok videos are forcing fans to speculate who Cody could be dating now.

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As of Sept. 2023, Cody Orlove is reportedly not dating anyone.

Although Cody is open about his love life to his followers, it doesn’t seem like there’s much to discuss. Since his June 2023 breakup with Tess, Cody hasn’t shared much about what’s been going on. On July 3, Cody and Tess made a video together with the caption, “we broke up,” to tell the world about their breakup.

“A few weeks ago, Tess and I broke up,” Cody said, “while she was in Israel and I was here. We don’t owe you guys any answers or anything, but one of the reasons why we broke up was just because we communicate very differently. That’s definitely one of the main reasons.”

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“We grew up in two households that communicated love extremely differently,” Tess continued. “And we’re not talking love languages,” Cody added. “We know each other’s love language.”

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Tess then added, “We really wanted this to work. We tried for almost a year very hard, trying to change ourselves to be better with the other person, trying just to improve ourselves. But it just wasn’t working in a way that we could do it together. We still have a lot of love for each other though, obviously, and I still care very much for Cody. That’s why I’m here making this video right now.”

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“Especially because people were saying that she cheated,” Cody debunked. “And that she’s pregnant.” Tess confirmed that she did not cheat and she’s not pregnant. While there’s obviously more to the story than what they shared with the public, all we know for a fact is that Cody and Tess are no longer dating. And since their breakup, it seems like Cody isn’t dating anyone.

Cody Orlove was previously dating Zoe LaVerne before he dated Tess.

Tess wasn’t Cody’s first TikTok-love, however. Before he dated Tess, he dated Zoe LaVerne for several years. The then-teenage couple even made a joint YouTube channel with duets, couple-oriented videos, and reaction clips, that gained over 1 million subscribers. But Cody and Zoe split in 2020 when Cody was just 19 years old, giving him a whole future to date many more women.

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But on Sept. 11, Zoe posted an apology video on TikTok with a long statement about how she’s grown and changed herself for the better, apologizing for her past wrongdoings. In the 3-slide post, she added a picture of herself and Cody when they were younger. Naturally, fans thought she was saying something about Cody with her post even though they broke up over three years ago.

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So, Zoe made a reaction video to explain that her post had nothing to do with Cody, despite sharing a picture of him. She said, “Cody was a big part of my past. I am in no way bashing him, hating on him … I genuinely just used the picture to prove a point. Not even he himself knows who I am today … [The video] is about me taking accountability for my actions and showing you that I am a changed person.”

Even still, Cody couldn’t help but react with his own video lipsyncing to SZA’s song, “Broken Clocks” with the lyrics, “Been about three years since I dated you. Why you still talkin’ ‘bout me like we together? I moved on for the better, you moved on to whoever.” It’s clearly a nod to Zoe’s post. And Cody’s fans are unafraid to point that out!

Regardless, it doesn’t seem like Cody has moved on to a new girlfriend after Tess yet.

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