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Source: Instagram

Colby Covington Challenging 50 Cent to a Boxing Match Is an Expert Move in Troll-Promotion


Let's say you're a high-profile fighter who just lost a fight, or are on the sidelines for a while and need to keep your name on people's minds. You can't really call any other pugilists out because you're recovering from an injury and that news won't really make big headlines. Now let's say you built your entire career on trolling others and pissing people off, like Colby Covington. An expert move would be to beef with someone that has name recognition...like 50 Cent.

50's no stranger to starting online wars with others, just ask French Montana. It's a certifiable, guaranteed tactic to keep one's name in the media cycle just for the sheer, shallow, ridiculousness nature of the squabble. Conor McGregor did the same thing when he vowed to beat down Mark Wahlberg, Ronda Rousey did it when she said she wanted to beat up Floyd Mayweather in a cage match...the list goes on and on.