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Source: Instagram

Conor McGregor Dedicates His UFC 246 Bout to His Mom After Apologizing to Fans


Conor McGregor has had his fair share of drama over the past couple of years. When the Irish pugilist crashed onto the MMA scene, it didn't take long for his celebrity to get launched into the stratosphere. He was dispatching of opponents in a dominant fashion, talking smack, and brashly making bold claims all along the way. 

Which is why some people are scratching their heads at his "apology" to fans at the UFC 246 weigh-ins — along with his adorable shout out to his mother.

Hailing from Dublin — and not growing up with much except enthusiasm or passion for the sport — Conor went from an interesting prospect to a bonafide MMA star when he dispatched long-time undefeated (in the UFC) featherweight champion Jose Aldo, who seemed nigh unbeatable in a few seconds of the first round. Conor caught Jose charging in when he landed his trademark cannon of a left straight, knocking out "Scarface" and becoming the 145-pound champion.