This College Student Failed Her Friends' Impromptu Trivia Quiz on History

The internet feels awful for this college student who fails her friends' quiz on relatively simply history trivia. Let's break it down.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Sep. 13 2023, Published 4:36 p.m. ET

For all intents and purposes, intelligence isn't always measured by how well you did in school or in college. A student's capacity for knowledge isn't always indicated by their grades in school or what university they're able to attend, just as their lack of knowledge in certain subjects doesn't mean they aren't proficient in other fields. It's even reasonable to assume that we forget a lot of the things we learned in school that don't apply to our lives. Let's be real, when was the last time you used Sin, Cosm or Tan in your life?

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That being said, colleges do still measure students' performance based on their knowledge and application of specific subjects, and anyone who wants to apply is expected to have some level of knowledge in things like history.

That's probably why the internet finds it so hilarious that this college student fails her friend's basic history trivia quiz so spectacularly. Let's break down the raucous trivia night on TikTok.

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This college student fails her friend's history trivia quiz in hilarious fashion.

In a Tiktok posted by a college student named Madison (@maddieeeggg), she gives her friend Gracie a friendly pop quiz on "basic history". The questions themselves aren't particularly difficult for anyone who even half-paid attention in history classes throughout their lives, but Gracie ends up giving some laughably wrong responses to Madison's questions.

Madison starts off simple, asking Gracie who the first president of the United States was. Gracie answers "Washington" almost immediately, clearing a pretty low hurdle. However, things go off the rails soon after.

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When asked "What war freed the slaves?" Gracie takes a beat before answering with "Cold War".

Her friends practically burst into laughter as they told her to try and answer correctly. Gracie ends up fumbling through several answers before Maddie quite literally has to spell out "Civil War" for her.

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To her credit, Gracie is able to answer a couple of questions correctly. On the questions she can't answer right away, however, it takes her several minutes and a couple of hilarious guesses before she can get them right.

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For example, when asked to name the seven continents of the world, her first response is Italy, which is very much not an entire continent. When going down the list, she is eventually hinted by her friends toward the Americas with the words "north" and "south." However, Gracie's first thought were North and South Dakota instead.

Later, she is asked who the inventor of the light bulb was, whom she was convinced was one of the U.S. presidents. For the record, Thomas Edison was not a U.S. president at all. She was probably thinking of Ben Franklin who discovered electricity (and was also not a president).

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The internet had as much of a laugh riot with Gracie's responses as her friends did. One person called the video "painful to watch," while plenty of folks were reeling over her mentioning the Dakota states as continents.

"History is my worst subject and I didn't struggle with any of these," one commenter claimed.

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In an equally hilarious follow-up, Gracie wore her answers on her sleeves as she proudly stood by the impromptu comedy act she was able to achieve with her friends. Unfortunately, she had one more US history slip-up when she was asked what the capital of her home state of Idaho was and Gracie boldly answered that they didn't have one.

For the record, the girls currently attend Boise State University.

Not all intelligence can be measured by what we learn in school, but the internet is having a field day with Gracie lack of knowledge in some basic U.S. history.

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