Who's in the Conservative Hype House?

The Conservative Hype House is a spinoff of the well-known TikTok collective, advocating for right-wing policies and is vocally pro-Trump.

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Aug. 27 2020, Updated 4:53 p.m. ET

conservative hype house
Source: Instagram

Political posts have surprisingly found a home on TikTok, as more Gen Z creators get involved politically. While much of the political content found on TikTok tends to be left-leaning, as Gen Z tends to be more progressive, conservative creators have also found a home on the app.

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There are a few TikTok collectives focused solely on right-wing politics, including the Conservative Hype House. A spinoff of the well-known collective that's home to some of the app's top creators, the Conservative Hype House creates content to appeal to right-wing viewers, and many of them are pro-Trump.

Here's everything you need to know about the Conservative Hype House.

conservative hype house
Source: Instagram
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Who is in the Conservative Hype House?

While the original Hype House is made of more than a dozen of TikTok's top creators, the Conservative Hype House only showcases a handful of creators, mostly spearheaded by conservative creator Cameron Higby.

According to the group's website, the other main members include TikTok user who.is.null, Pastor Greg Locke, Topher, Tyler Bluntman, Violet Magic Sin, and Zoba. While these seem to be the group's primary members, many other conservative creators also make appearances in videos.

They don't support Trump's proposed ban on TikTok.

After TikTok was banned in India for issues regarding users' privacy, President Trump announced at the end of July that he planned to ban the app from being used in the United States. This led to many creators encouraging their followers to follow them on Instagram and other platforms instead.

Despite the urgency behind Trump's initial plan to have the app banned from the country, that plan has yet to be put through, and the app is still active and thriving.

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That being said, just because Trump made the proposal doesn't mean his supporters on the app support his decision. 

"As far as the decision itself, I absolutely do not agree with this decision whatsoever," Cameron said in a TikTok posted shortly after Trump announced his proposed ban. He claimed that the app was not as problematic as Trump made it appear to be, though it didn't change his stance on supporting him.

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Their content addresses current events from the conservative view.

Much of the page's current content is centered on the right-wing view of current events, including their rebuttals to the Black Lives Matter movement and sharing views contradicting some of the left-wing policies on the app.

The Conservative Hype House frequently uses its page to defend the debate over the second amendment, support the police, and promote anti-mask rhetoric. The creators also frequently advocate for their followers to vote for Trump in the upcoming election.

The group also has merchandise on their website, where their followers can further vocalize their support for the group. The apparel includes "got liberty" shirts and hats, "come take it" shirts in support of the second amendment, and "0% leftist" merch.

They also have pro-marijuana merchandise on their website, despite the legalization of marijuana frequently being considered a liberal idea.

At this time, the group has 1.5 million followers on TikTok alone.

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