Alaska Airlines Just Embarrassed Tomi Lahren, And Twitter Is Absolutely Loving It

Tomi Lahren is making headlines after Alaska Airlines botched a response to her Tweet complaining about her recent flight.


Nov. 18 2019, Updated 2:16 p.m. ET


Something that seems like a daily occurrence at this point, Tomi Lahren still manages to find a way to just upset people off at every turn.  It is almost like she has a skill at just pushing all the wrong buttons.  She's one of the growing number of political commentators who make a living out of saying incendiary remarks just to pander to certain audiences in order to maintain a career. Tomi Lahren seems to be one of those commentators. For someone who hates "snowflakes" a lot , she sure does do a lot of being offended.

The conservative commentator is making headlines after she had a bad flight experience. Presumably trying to have her own viral moment similar to the United Airlines disasters we've seen in the past months.

Controversial YouTube conservative personality Tomi Lahren took to Twitter to get her sass on at Alaska Airlines after a (presumably) bad experience flying with them...

Article continues below advertisement which the airline responded by (presumably) accidentally misspelling her name. Cause seriously who ACTUALLY spells it like that?

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Musician Wale, who referred to Lahren as "Tammy" in his song Smile, caught on right away and responded. It was just too perfect of an opportunity to pass up a chance to rag on the often controversial Lahren. 

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And others continued to catch on to the jokes and joined in.

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We are eagerly awaiting Tomi Lahren's response and have no doubt it will arrive in the form of an angry YouTube video. The former The Blaze host never let's us down with having a rebuttal to her antics. It's safe to say Alaska Airlines probably earned a few customers out of it knowing that Lahren will no longer be flying on the airlines is probably a good thing for most.


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