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Source: Instagram

Here Are Some Cool Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Sculptors of Any Level


The best part about the fall is definitely the pumpkins, whether you're eating or carving them. It's fun to bring a group together for pumpkin-picking, then toast the seeds before you set out for an evening of carving. 

If you are looking for cool pumpkin carving ideas, or even some inspo for easy, scary creations that will be the spooky sensation of your neighborhood, look no further!

Keep scrolling for some of the simplest and creepiest pumpkins around.

These cool pumpkin carving ideas are for all skill levels:

1. Classic yet impressive

Source: Instagram

For beginners, we definitely suggest starting with a pumpkin like the one on the right, where you can carve out some easy eyes, nose, and a fun mouth. Then add a candle inside and watch the shadows dance on your walls!

For a slightly more seasoned pumpkin carver, try the effect this person on the left did. Instead of cutting all the way through the pumpkin, just scrape the skin a bit and keep the pumpkin flesh in place. Then, use a knife or carving tool to make details inside it. This trick might come in handy no matter what your design.