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People Share Proof That Sometimes Genes Hit 'Copy-Paste'



Shelby Contra took to Twitter to share a picture of her grandma next to a picture of her. Her caption was, "Grandma's genes really hit copy n paste huh." When you see both of those pictures, you'll understand. Shelby and her grandma don't just look alike. They look like the same person. Shelby's tweet went mega-viral and many other shared photos of themselves and photos of parents or grandparents to show the eery resemblance. These photos are about to blow your mind.

Shelby and her grandma

Shelby was obviously trying to recreate this photo of her grandmother, but wearing a yellow sweater and a black beret can't change her face, which is clearly exactly the same as her grandmother's.

Olivia and her mom

Not only do Olivia and her mom look extremely alike, but they chose such similar hairstyles for their respective big days! And the over-the-shoulder pose must run the family.  

JL and their mom

JL is right. Genes are crazy AF. We assume that's JL on the right and their mom on the left, though, if you told me that was the same person on two different occasions, I would believe you.

"Father and Me"

I mean, he clearly got his good looks from his dad, not to mention his style. You know what they say: "Like father, like son." I've never believed that statement more than right now.

Larraine and her grandma

Well, it's official: The young woman in that black-and-white photo is a time traveler and she came to the present to take that photo with another photo of herself before she went back.

Erica and her grandma

This resemblance is too much. This is one thing they don't tell you about having kids. You could accidentally give birth to a mini version of your mother that you have to feed and raise. That's terrifying.

Ella and her mom

Ella and her mom managed to choose similar glasses on top of looking extremely similar, which is a thing that I can't imagine happened on purpose. Genes really are wild. 

Carolina and her mom

Carolina and her mom have exactly the same face. I bet they could pull off a Freaky Friday-esque stunt and they wouldn't even have to switch bodies.

Morgan's husband and hisf grandfather

This one is crazy because they both look like successful lounge singers, just from two different periods of history. They have the same dimple, for goodness' sake!

A whole copy-and-pasted family

It truly looks like a skilled Photoshop user took the dad's face and plastered it on the other two heads, just adjusting the color and lines for age differences. I have to stop looking at this picture now. It's creeping me out.

Adaobi and her grandma

They have the same face. They have the same face! And according to Adaobi's caption, it's not just their looks that are the same but their mannerisms too. Biology, man. Bonkers.

"Me and my mom"

Huh. I would have never guessed these two were related. JUST KIDDING, they look exactly the same! 

Three generations

Three generations. One face. A lot of confusing family photos.

"Me and my mum"

I keep looking left and then right and then left and then right looking for differences in their faces, and I give up. There aren't any. It's uncanny.


Seriously though, are we sure immortal vampires don't exist? Because I mean, come on. Look at this guy, then look at who I assume is his grandfather. Look at him. Then his grandfather. It's the same guy. He hasn't aged a day.

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