Man Baffled That Costco's Cheese Pizza Has More Calories Than Its Pepperoni Counterpart

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Jan. 2 2024, Published 3:57 p.m. ET

We don't know about you, but we could go for a slice of pizza right now. Picture this: a mouthwatering masterpiece with a heavenly blend of gooey melted cheese, zesty tomato sauce, and a chorus of toppings, all dancing on a crispy, golden crust. Wow, our taste buds are doing a happy dance just thinking about it!

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But hold on, this pizza passion isn't just a random craving — TikTok creator Tom (@sidemoneytom) recently hit up the social media platform with a burning question about the calorie count of Costco's pizzas. Tom dove headfirst into the calorie universe of the pies, dissecting the calorie showdown between Costco's cheese and pepperoni varieties.

Brace yourselves because the revelation of which packs more calories will blow your pizza-loving mind.

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Costco's pepperoni pizza vs. cheese pizza — which has more calories?

In the now-viral video, posted on Nov. 9, 2023, Tom found himself in a state of utter confusion over Costco's pizza antics: "Ever noticed about how at the Costco food court, the cheese pizza has 60 more calories than the pepperoni pizza?" he pondered. To be honest, this hadn't crossed our minds until now — but it's left us equally puzzled.

Tom brought attention to the logical inconsistency, considering that the pepperoni pizza, essentially a cheese pizza with added pepperoni, should logically have more calories. He then directed our attention to a sign in the food court displaying a slice of cheese pizza at 710 calories, while the slice of pepperoni pizza is 650 calories.

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"But I get it; a lot of you guys will say the cheese pizza has way more cheese on it," Tom said. "That will easily make up for all those calories, even though from experience, they're both very cheesy."

Tom then examined the photos and counted "10 pieces of pepperoni on every single slice." He then dove headfirst into calculations and tackled the important questions of cheese quantity and the caloric worth of pepperoni.

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He confidently declared each pepperoni to be approximately 20 calories: "That means that each slice of the pepperoni is going to have at least 200 more calories of pepperoni that the cheese doesn't have," Tom shared.

He added that even if there was "half as much cheese on the pepperoni pizza, it wouldn't make up the difference."

"So I have to ask: Are we being lied to?" Tom questioned before the video ended.

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TikTok users weighed in on why Costco's cheese pizza packs more calories.

Tom's thought-provoking video has amassed over 613,000 views and counting. Additionally, the comment section is a hotbed of theories and insider pizza intel, with more than 500 TikTok users joining the conversation.

"It's probably because they add a hard cheese to the cheese pizza but no hard cheese to the pepperoni," one TikToker wrote in the comment section.

"I think those pepporoni calories are way off. Hormel is 10 cal, Gallo is 15 cal."
Source: TikTok
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A second person commented, "I used to work in the Costco food court. They make the cheese pizza with like double the cheese they use on the pepperoni." Well, it seems like we have our answer!

On the other hand, others agreed that they weren't too worried about the calories of a Costco pizza.

"Nobody who eats at the Costco food court counts calories," someone hilariously penned.

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"Pizza math"
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Another user agreed, stating, "If you are eating Costco pizza, who cares about calories?"

"All I heard was go to Costco now to get pizza," a third TikToker jokingly replied. Yeah, we're right behind you!

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