"I Always Wanted a Nutella House" — This Guy Covered His Parents' Kitchen Entirely in Nutella

A man claims he pranks his parents by covering their kitchen in Nutella and although there are skeptics about the whole thing, the video seems legit.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Nov. 6 2023, Published 1:15 p.m. ET

I remember the days of Punk'd and watching Bam Margera prank his parents on Viva La Bam like they were yesterday. But when one TikTok user, @kaihspeakup, pranked his parents by covering their kitchen in Nutella, it was a little much. Because I'm not talking about slapping some of the oily chocolate spread on the countertops and calling it a day.

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Nope, this person slathered the stuff on literally everything, including the essential oil diffuser. And he gives no real explanation in the short video except to say in the caption and in a voiceover using one of TikTok's voices that he "always wanted a Nutella house." In the comments, the user also says his little brother wanted a house made of Nutella. However, there is a bit more to the prank than meets the eye.

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A man says he pranked his parents by covering their kitchen in Nutella.

In the TikTok, the creator shares a before-and-after shot of what he says is his parents' kitchen. In the "before" view, we see a pretty impressive kitchen with stainless steel appliances and an island at the center of it.

There's even a refrigerator that appears to have a screen or window on it. So yeah, things are pretty fancy up in here. Naturally, he had to go and cover the entire room in Nutella.

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But here's the kicker to hopefully help you rest easy tonight. If you pause the video and look closely, you can see that the TikTok creator very likely covered everything in plastic wrap first. It looks like there are lines underneath a lot of the Nutella, which is probably some plastic wrap scrunched up in areas where Nutella was spread. That doesn't mean the cleaning process was any easier, though.

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The second ingredient in Nutella is palm oil. Yes, that's right, oil. Have you ever tried cleaning oil off anything? It's a lot. So to have to clean an entire kitchen of an oil-based spread, even after removing the plastic wrap, is no easy task.

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If the kitchen is covered in plastic wrap underneath the Nutella, chances are, some of the chocolate spread still got on some of the appliances and cabinets. But to be fair, judging by the swanky digs, I have a feeling the owners of this house hire cleaners.

People can't imagine cleaning up Nutella like this.

Whether the TikTok creator has to clean up the Nutella mess himself or not, and whether or not there is plastic wrap between the spread and the surfaces in the kitchen, you can't deny the mess afterward.

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"Cleanup is gonna be crazy," one user commented.

Another agreed: "Cling film under the nutella but still a pain to clean."

Others asked the important questions like, "The question is how rich are you to afford that much Nutella?"

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Large jars of the stuff definitely aren't cheap, I'll give you that. I wouldn't say you have to be rich to buy as many jars as it takes to cover an entire kitchen, but in this economy? Maybe close to it, to be honest. And we see the sink full of empty Nutella containers in the middle of the video.

If you're looking for more of the same antics, though, the same creator has other TikToks where he does other outlandish things to what he says is his parents' kitchen. And I'd be willing to bet that cleaning a kitchen full of peanut butter isn't any easier than the Nutella.

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