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Source: Twitter

Woman Thinks She Finds a Stuffed Dog She Lost Years Ago — But the Real Story Is More Complicated


Have you ever lost a childhood toy that meant a lot to you? It's the worst feeling. When I was little (up through... college, if I'm being honest), I had Yellow Blanket. It was a small yellow and white striped baby blanket. I was really creative at naming things. I loved Yellow Blanket and couldn't fall asleep if I didn't have it in bed with me. Well one day, when I was little, I left Yellow Blanket in a hotel in Lake George, where I had gone on a trip with my family. 

I cried and screamed and yelled until my mom called the hotel and had them mail Yellow Blanket back to us. But some people aren't so lucky. Some people lose their childhood heirlooms and never see them again. That's what happened with Vittoria Gallagher and her adorable stuffed bulldog named Cracker. Until one day, after years of absence, she randomly walked by him on the street. Or so she thought.