Are We All Cuomosexual Now?

Randy Rainbow's latest song parody is all about being grateful to Andrew Cuomo in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. But are we all cuomosexual?

Jacqueline Gualtieri - Author

Apr. 15 2020, Updated 10:14 p.m. ET

It looks like Governor Andrew Cuomo has become everyone's favorite Andy. At the very least, he's become Randy Rainbow's favorite. The comedian who is mainly known for his musical parodies, particularly parodies with political takes, has released his latest video and started a new "sexuality": cuomosexual

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Randy has released a number of parody videos in the wake of the new coronavirus pandemic, including "Social Distance" to the tune of Hercules' "Go the Distance" and "The Coronavirus Lament" to the tune of Guys and Dolls' "Adelaide's Lament". And, to be honest, his parodies are both more comforting and more informative than most things we're watching on the news.

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While his latest video isn't exactly informative, it certainly is comforting. Because, as "The Coronavirus Lament" says, "From a lack of intelligent leadership and a headline that's getting real old, a person can develop a bad, bad cold." And regardless of how you feel about Gov. Cuomo, it's hard to deny that he's been a symbol of intelligent leadership in the face of...well, not so intelligent leadership.

Randy Rainbow declared his "cuomosexuality" and many others are hopping on board.

Like Randy's other videos, his latest video "ANDY!" is a musical parody. This one parodies "Sandy" from Grease (with a little "I Won't Say I'm in Love" from Hercules sprinkled in). The video starts with Randy watching a black and white White House press conference. But color returns when the TV changes to Gov. Cuomo speaking instead.

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He sings about his fear in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, but praises "Andy" for keeping us calm and managing "to lead and inform without scaring the living sh*t out of" all of us. But it's not just Andy that's got Randy feeling cuomosexual. He's also praying for Chris Cuomo's speedy recovery from the novel coronavirus. And he's a pretty big fan of Chris's tight t-shirts and Instagram workout videos. 

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It didn't take long for "ANDY!" to go viral and for others to change their own Tinder and Grindr profiles to cuomosexual as well.

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Others are just supporting Chris...but for non-political reasons.

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While Randy isn't actually cuomosexual, he is openly gay and that's making some people a little upset.

Unfortunately for Gov. Cuomo, this video might have unearthed some things he'd rather have left in the past. Many viewers noted that, while Randy made up cuomosexual, he is actually openly gay. And Gov. Cuomo is suspected as having done a rather gross thing to the LGBTQA+ community. 

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Back in 1977, Andrew and Chris's father, Mario Cuomo made an unsuccessful run for mayor against Ed Koch. Although Mayor Koch was never openly gay, it was rumored that he was. Cuomo and Koch's battle for mayor was a bloodthirsty one. Throughout the fight, homophobic posters appeared on city streets telling New Yorkers to “Vote for Cuomo, not the homo."

It became a bit of an unofficial campaign slogan for Cuomo, although no one in his camp took credit for the posters. However, Andrew was heavily involved in his father's campaign and many believe he is responsible for the signs.

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As far as who actually made the posters, that remains unknown, but shortly before his death, Koch told Esquire that he believes Andrew when he says he didn't do it. But he also simply noted, "I'm eighty-five now, and grudges take your energy away. I've forgiven them all."

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