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Curtis Stone's Adorable Kids Could Make an Appearance on 'Celebrity Watch Party'



In addition to Curtis Stone's Top Chef success, the Australian culinary guru has another type of legacy going on behind the scenes: his kids. That's right! When he's not hosting, judging, or guest-starring in food-related shows — or running two of Los Angeles' hottest restaurants — you can find Curtis dad-ing it up.

The thing is, plenty of fans might not have known he had children in the first place. It takes a ton of scrolling to uncover a single photo of his kids via Instagram, for starters. Plus, Curtis doesn't exactly bring up fatherhood on a regular basis in his line of work. Let's take a closer look at the chef's personal life as a father of two. Because Curtis' kids are seriously adorable.

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Curtis and his wife, Lindsay, have two kids.

In 2009, Curtis met Beverly Hills, 90210 actress Lindsay Price on a blind date. They welcomed their first child, a son named Hudson, in 2011, before tying the knot in 2013. Their second son, Emerson, was born a year after that.

"You've just got to have your priorities right. The most important thing is being a dad and being a husband," Curtis told E! News in 2014, shortly after his youngest son's birth.

"My restaurant comes next and then if I have time here or there to do a TV show I do that as well," he continued. "So we've sort of together agreed, let's have a crazy couple of years, work really hard, and then maybe take the foot off the pedal a little further down the track."

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"It's such a special experience, becoming a father," Curtis told the Oprah Winfrey Network in 2015 on a segment titled, Where Are They Now?. "You know, to spend time with your kids and to reflect on yourself as a human being and be a good example to them is pretty cool."

Although the chef doesn't post about his kids very frequently, Lindsay's Instagram grid is a different story entirely. The Hawaii Five-0 actress often shares candid moments of herself and her sons, who are now 8 and 5 — like this video of mother and son practicing the cello, for example.

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Or this photo of Lindsay and her sons spring-breaking amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. "How’s your spring break going?" she captioned the shot. "Cool cool cool. Yeah, we are partying over here too."

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In 2019, Curtis did open up about his approach to making sure his kids eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, which is something that can definitely be a struggle.

"I have one child who is more fussy than the other, and at the start, I was very embarrassed about it!" he told Lifestyle Food. "But one thing I did start with him when he would try a new food was a sticker chart. That's actually where the idea for the Rainbow Challenge came from."

He continued, "This Rainbow Challenge is all about getting kids to interact with fruit and vegetables, getting them to pick them up and smell them ... because the more they are used to the texture and smell the better they are around them."

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For those who might be wondering, Curtis and Lindsay seem to have differing opinions about whether they want more kids in the future — or at least they did back in 2016.

"I do [want more kids], I don't think my wife does. She told me the shop is closed!" Curtis said during an interview with Closer Weekly. "I think if I could guarantee her a girl she'd be [down], but I'm not sure if I could do that."

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"We've been talking about it. Having a third would be fun, but it's no joke either! It takes a lot of energy," the 44-year-old added. "[However], we're happy as a family-of-four. We'll probably stop there."

Considering it's been nearly six years since he and Lindsay last added to their brood, it seems like two kids is the perfect number for this family. (Then again, that could always change!)

Be sure to catch Curtis (and maybe even Lindsay and their two kids) on Celebrity Watch Party, which premieres at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, May 7 on Fox.

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