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Customer Service Professionals Share the Most Insane Complaints They've Gotten



The internet is full of a lot of trash that makes me fear for the future of the human race. But perhaps nothing is as terrifying as this thread of insane complaints that people who deal with customers have had to handle. Some full-grown adults don't know, for example, that dinosaurs are extinct or that leprechauns aren't real. 

One woman shared her experience fielding the complaint from a woman who came to the museum expecting to see a live sabertooth cat, and others who have similar stories quickly chimed in. Fair warning: Reading these will make you completely convinced that humans, as a race, are on our last legs.

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First of all, what kind of museum has live animals on display?! Maybe museums will have a butterfly garden here and there, but it seems like this lady thinks she's at the zoo. 

But more importantly, there is a disturbing trend of people not knowing that certain animals are extinct. This is stuff you learn in elementary school. This wasn't the only concerning complaint that had to do with a lack of basic knowledge about animals of the past.

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In general, zoos and museums really seem to confuse people. Most people know that when they go to the zoo, they're going to see live animals and learn all about them. But one person on this list was disappointed by what the zoo offered and another didn't know that the animals were even real. 

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Can you say, "Yikes!"? How do people go through several decades of life without realizing that the animals in zoos are real? Even if you've never visited a zoo before...you know. People just know. It's a thing even most little kids are aware of. 

Similarly, there are historical events and eras that most people understand certain contexts for. For example, most people understand that the wreck of the Titanic is still extremely under water. Yet, someone still felt "ripped off" that they weren't looking at the real thing in a museum.

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Newsflash: No one has the real Titanic! Except for the bottom of the ocean! Museums can't fish shipwrecks out of the water, and they also can't control the sky, like some people apparently believe. 

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What do... What do people think a museum is? Eclipses and meteor showers happen in the sky... whenever they want. Either these museums are doing a really bad job of explaining these are actual astronomical events, or people are exceedingly clueless. I'm going to have to go with the second one. Especially thanks to this next one...

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If people would just listen to the words that are coming out of their mouths, you would think they would understand. I mean, yes, Disney has a lot of power, but as of February 2020, the company remains incapable of controlling the weather... I think. 

If you think that's ridiculous, just you wait until we get into the territory of people complaining about fictional characters and mythical creatures and real (but dead) people. 

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They wanted pictures of real live angels. I bet that when Alissa went to school to become a librarian, she didn't learn how to break the news to a human adult that angels aren't real, at least when it comes to the ability to be photographed. 

Apparently, people are quite convinced that angels and leprechauns, too, are real.

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Apparently, so many people are upset that there are no real leprechauns on this tour that this tour guide has to explicitly say that before the tour to stop people from getting angry. And even that caveat doesn't stop people from getting irrationally upset about it. 

It was probably the same person who insisted on seeing a real live leprechaun that got angry that the real Michael Jackson didn't appear at a screening of Thriller...

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And yes, the person who tweeted this clarified that this happened "many, many" years after Michael Jackson's death. So. There's that. 

I don't know if it's that people in public situations lose their heads and somehow transform into uneducated, entitled monsters or that they really don't know that leprechauns aren't real and that dinosaurs aren't currently alive. Either way, it's terrible and I hate it. 

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