'Cyberpunk 2077's Dystopia Has Red Light Districts, But Are There Characters to Romance?

'Cyberpunk 2077' is a world full of augmented people. But they're still people (sorta). What romance options are available? Who can V date?

Sam Bramlett - Author

Oct. 22 2022, Updated 4:11 p.m. ET

'Cyberpunk 2077'
Source: CDPR

Cyberpunk famously lets players customize their genitalia; can you use them?

Cyberpunk 2077 always toed the line with what's acceptable. Just like the Ripper Docs in-game grafting heavy weaponry into people's bodies, pushing the boundaries of ethics and what the human body is capable of, CD Projekt Red opted to lean into the sensory overload of the cyber city, sexualizing just about everything. The culture of Night City views the body as a playground, and there are "joytoys" on every corner. But is there any chance for connection in Cyberpunk 2077? What are the romance options?

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Each romantic partner has different preferences. You automatically exclude yourself from being able to pursue some of the romance options in Cyberpunk 2077 based on how you build your character. There are straight characters, gay characters, bi characters, sex workers and a long list of platonic friends ranging from a man that lives inside a chip in your brain to a sentient gun named 'Skippy.' Even then, there are romances baked into the story that you can access by choosing the correct dialogue options.

cyberpunk  romance options
Source: CDPR

V can be any gender or sex depending on the player's preference.

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Feminine V's romance options.

You have the opportunity to experience an encounter with a Corpo named Meredith Stout, so long as you speak to her before you begin her mission and express interest in her. She's open to either a masculine or feminine V, and it's always a fling. She's a Corpo after all and doesn't have time for any strings attached.

If you want other forms of casual hookups, then you should also seek out the joytoys. Night City is crawling with them, but there are only two you can interact with.

If you chose a feminine V, you'll also be able to seduce Judy Álvarez, the braindance techie who helps you access memories Inception-style. She's already very proficient when it comes to lust and understanding people's desires. Her job is to deliver people's fantasies directly into their brains, making her both awesome and potentially terrifying, as she doesn't have to deliver good images. She has some beautifully voice-acted scenes with V, as well as a charming personality that's hard to pass up.

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Another romance option for the feminine V is River Ward. He's a serious guy and a police officer. He was suspended, but he's still working a case, and that's how he'll meet V. To romance him, make sure you help him all the way through his quest line and don't let him go alone. By being amicable, agreeable, and showing interest by flirting whenever possible, you'll have an option at the end of his quest line that will let the two of you go inside for some coffee.

cyberpunk  romance options
Source: CDPR

Everyone is augmented with machinery, but they still have hearts, and healthy sex drives.

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Masculine V's romance options.

For masculine Vs, an excellent romance option that's accessible via the main story is with Pan Am. Pan Am is distrustful at first and plays hard to get, but if you stay persistent, flirt with her, and help her family, she'll become very close to you. So close that you literally share a body for a moment.

In one of the most trippy sex scenes in the game, you mind-meld together inside an uber-advanced military robot like the pilots in Pacific Rim. But instead of fighting monsters the two of you get it on, allowing each of you to feel what the other is feeling.

You can also get with two of Johnny Silverhand's old friends. In one instance you'll literally be in Johnny's body experiencing him having sex with his old frenemy Rogue. In the other, if you're a masculine V, you'll be able to seduce Kerry Eurodyne, a wealthy Corpo who'll invite you on his yacht for a cruise around the city.

V can have as many or as few romances as you like. There are some sex scenes that occur regardless of your choices, but that's because you can see Johnny's past and V's not a part of it.

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