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Source: Getty Images

Cynthia Bailey Only Has One Ex-Husband, but Many Others Proposed to Her


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey has a reputation as a runaway bride. She makes it very clear that she's not one to marry quickly — did you know she turned down two different proposals before marrying Peter Thomas?

While Cynthia's list of ex-husbands is short (hint: Peter's the only one to make that list), her list of ex-fiancees is longer. Here are all of the men who let Cynthia get away.

Ex-boyfriend Russell Simmons proposed to her. 

One of the first men that Cynthia rejected was entrepreneur and record executive Russell Simmons. The two dated in the 90s before he proposed, and then ultimately split when she turned him down.

She probably dodged a bullet there, though, as Russell has recently faced a series of sexual misconduct allegations, which Oprah is apparently investigating.