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Source: instagram

Danielle Brandon Is a Crossfit Beast Who's Winning Over a Lot of Fans


Certain fitness enthusiasts, especially eccentric ones who are "influencers" that go to overpriced gyms, tend to get a lot of flak. Heck, there's even a theory that fitness comedy is the worst brand of comedy out there, because the more in shape you are and tend to incorporate that into a comic routine, the less people can identify with you. Probably because comedy works best when it's relatable.

But that flak doesn't seem to extend to athletes who are obsessed with pushing their body to new limits. Athletes seem to get a bit more respect than people who are hitting dope yoga poses on a beach in one post and then trying to sell you Fit Tea in the next.

So although CrossFit gets roasted from time to time, it doesn't change the fact that a lot of competitors who compete in CrossFit games are serious monsters of physical fitness.