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Source: USA

The 'Dare Me' Book vs. the TV Show — All the Spoilers You Need to Get Through the Season


Dare Me is about the terrifying reality of competition cheerleading and what happens when one cheer captain queen bee is dethroned, leaving her to war with everyone who stands in her way of getting back on top. The Dare Me book is similar to the TV series so far and if you’re looking for Dare Me book spoilers to figure out the answers behind the big mystery that looms ahead in the show, then look no further.

Seriously, if it’s spoilers you are after, then be ready to have your mind blown as you find out who dies in the book and which characters are left standing at the end of it all. Right now, it's still plenty possible that the show could deter from the events in the book, but for all intents and purposes, Dare Me is the televised retelling of the novel. And if it remains true to the source material, then heads are going to roll.