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Source: USA Network

The 'Dare Me' TV Show Will Make You Terrified of High School Cheerleaders


Dare Me is one of those shows that makes it hard to figure out who to root for and who to feel sorry for right from the start. At its core, however, the TV show Dare Me is about the power struggle between high school cheerleaders and how friendships are tested when an apparent murder is thrown into the mix and blood is shed.

You have Beth, who was the queen bee of her cheer squad before the new coach arrived on the scene to snatch the reins. She rendered her almost powerless in a small Midwestern town where cheerleaders are more important than the jocks and athletic boosters meet to praise the girls instead of boys. Now she might be losing her best friend to the charms of their coach and all hell is breaking loose. But the story goes deeper than that and there’s more to uncover as the first season moves forward.