Young Girl Seemingly Tells Mom About Her Past Life, Claiming She Was Alive in 1438

One mom tells her daughter's outlandish past life tale — and apparently she's not the only parent who has experienced this with their child.

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Aug. 30 2023, Published 9:23 p.m. ET

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Do you believe in reincarnation? It's the belief that after biological death, we are born again in a different body. Think of it as one big circle of life, where the end of one life is the start of another, and we get to experience lots of different lives. Many people share this belief, so much so that past life regression videos became a thing on TikTok.

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One mom started looking into reincarnation after having quite a conversation with her daughter. She explains the bizarre things her daughter once said to her that suggest that she may have existed in a previous life.

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Daughter tells her mother about her alleged past life and we have chills.

“What is one of the creepiest things a kid has ever said to you? I'll go first,” said a TikToker named Brooke (@brookesobasic) in a video. She explained that when her daughter was about three years old she went off on a tangent about the wildest thing.

“We were at my godmother’s house and we were working on a Halloween/birthday costume for my daughter," Brooke explained. As Brooke and her godmother got to taking measurements and cutting fabric, Brooke's daughter suddenly asked them where her mom was.

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“I tell her you’re being crazy. I’m your mama. What are you talking about?” Brooke recounted.

But then suddenly Brooke’s daughter remembered: Her mom was dead. The toddler continued to explain that her mom was unalive and that she lived with her aunt, who was very mean to her.

Brooke asks her daughter for more information and things get even more peculiar.

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“She straight up tells us that she was alive in 1438,” Brooke said, noting the possibility that her daughter was discussing a past life.

The little girl claimed her name was Artesania and she was from Thessaloniki, a city in Greece.

As a concerned parent, Brooke wrote down everything her daughter was telling her, but when she tried to do research, she couldn't find anything. Eventually, her daughter stopped talking about it completely to her and her godmother.

“It’s like she had this little brain moment that sped off a whole bunch of random information and then it completely shut off after that," Brooke explained, adding, “She’s nine now and she has no recollection of any of this."

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TikTok users share their children's alleged past life stories.

It wasn't just Brooke who had a child who seemingly experienced a past life.

One user wrote: "When my daughter was 2 she walked in the kitchen while I was cooking and said ‘I used to know how to cook when I was big, now I’m just a baby.'"

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Another wrote: "My daughter passed before my son was born. He told me he tried to save her in the portal and couldn’t reach."

A third user claimed her grandfather may have been reincarnated as her son. "When my son was 3 he smiled and said 'Ma belle, do you remember when I was big and you were little? My name was Tom.' That was my grandfather."

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And one user claimed they had their own memories from a past life. "I was my mom's sibling in a past life. I remember playing with my mom when she was a kid," she wrote.

It's safe to say that the comment section was rife with anecdotes pertaining to past lives and users were eating it up. "Anyone else scrolling through these stories for hours? Just me? [OK] these stories are wild."

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