Why Did David Dobrik Delete His Vlog? Here's What We Know

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Aug. 17 2020, Updated 4:08 p.m. ET

Avid fans of David Dobrik were confused (and somewhat disappointed) when the 23-year-old YouTuber and internet personality got rid of one of his latest vlogs from Sunday, Oct. 6. 

The video wasn't drastically different from many of his other videos, so fans are wondering the reason behind why David Dobrik deleted his vlog. So let's look into why he ultimately decided to scrap it. 

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David Dobrik deleted his vlog for a hilarious reason.

Like I said, David's latest vlog was deleted from the public eye, and made private. However, it's been reposted by other accounts... and after watching it, I'm somewhat surprised to say it's relatively run-of-the-mill. 

The vlogger spends the majority of the video goofing off with friends, scaring one of them while they're sleeping, kicking bottles into garbage cans, trying on Halloween costumes, and concocting potions. 

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At one point, however, David gives one of his friends who frequently assists him with filming videos, Joe, a brand new Corvette convertible. 

The car, however, was given to him by one of David's friends who works at SeatGeek, Ian Borthwick. And it turns out he may be the reason why the video is no longer up.

Who is Ian Borthwick?

According to his LinkedIn account, Ian is the Director of Influencer Channels from SeatGeek. He frequently makes appearances in David's videos and is known for providing David and his friends with new cars and cool experiences.

After David presents Joe with the car, which Ian had hooked him up with five months prior, they go back into David's house for a few drinks. David says Ian is "a little bit drunk" and asks him to do a SeatGeek ad-read.

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Ian attempts to say, "yo, what's up guys? Seatgeek is the easiest way to buy tickets," and can't finish the sentence — he's laughing and slurring his words, until he tries again.

"Seatgeek is an amazing app that lets you buy tickets in the easiest way possible. You've seen them buy tickets for my friends... I don't know what the f--k I'm doing... link in description. You can use promo code "David" for $20 off your first order. Link in description. Do it f-----g now," he said.

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While it didn't seem particularly harmful, SeatGeek wasn't too happy with Ian's inebriated presentation. 

On Oct. 6 at 12:35 p.m., David tweeted a link to his new video. The text reads, "Choosing one person who RT's to be next videos shoutout!  New vid is up! Like and subscribe!"

Only one minute later, at 12:36, Ian came the realization that his drunken ad-read was — in fact — kept in the video. He frantically responded to the tweet, "OMG I’m in the vlog. OMG I’m in the vlog. Oh no I’m in the vlog. Oh no..."

Only five minutes after the video went up, at 12:40 p.m., SeatGeek's twitter account responded to David's tweet, "....Ian from SeatGeek. We need to talk." They caught him red-handed. 

Ian sheepishly responded to SeatGeek, "I’m going to be sick Monday...sry." Shortly after, the video was put on private. Yikes.

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So, are Ian and SeatGeek cool? Will SeatGeek still buy cars for David's friends? It's a little unclear right now, but we're seriously hoping the deleted video was the worst thing that happened.

Oh also, David, you owe us another video this week... please and thank you.

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