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Source: YouTube

Why Did David Dobrik Delete His Vlog? Here's What We Know


Avid fans of David Dobrik were confused (and somewhat disappointed) when the 23-year-old YouTuber and internet personality got rid of one of his latest vlogs from Sunday, Oct. 6. 

The video wasn't drastically different from many of his other videos, so fans are wondering the reason behind why David Dobrik deleted his vlog. So let's look into why he ultimately decided to scrap it. 

David Dobrik deleted his vlog for a hilarious reason.

Like I said, David's latest vlog was deleted from the public eye, and made private. However, it's been reposted by other accounts... and after watching it, I'm somewhat surprised to say it's relatively run-of-the-mill. 

The vlogger spends the majority of the video goofing off with friends, scaring one of them while they're sleeping, kicking bottles into garbage cans, trying on Halloween costumes, and concocting potions.