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Source: Instagram

David Dobrik Was Recently Spotted With a Light Beard — Could This Be His New Look?


David Dobrik's biggest dream is to have tea with the Queen of the United Kingdom. His worst nightmares revolve around a pair of evil eyeballs floating away in a glass of water. And, most importantly, he hates beards. 

At least, that's what fans thought up until now. As a recently-posted Instagram story reveals, his aversion toward facial hair is nowhere near as extreme as it was previously assumed to be. 

David Dobrik with a beard – is this an elaborate prank or a real prospect?

A new Instagram story showed David Dobrik with a beard.

The topic of shaving came up in quite a few of David's earliest Vines. As the podcaster, content creator, and Youtube mastermind revealed back then, he regards the activity as an absolute must. 

If we take a swift look at David's Youtube uploads, what we'll discover is a vast number of videos narrated by a perfectly-shaved, smooth-faced young man. Coincidence? Probably not.