Guy Leaves Sign on His Door Asking Delivery Drivers If Carole Baskin is Guilty

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Apr. 7 2020, Updated 1:45 p.m. ET

You've watched Tiger King. I've watched Tiger King. We've all watched Tiger King. And the people delivering your packages these days have probably also watched Tiger King

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Because we cannot be out and about discussing the nuances of this show with each other right now, one man decided he would post some signs on his door to start the conversation with the people he's coming into (near) contact with the most: His deliver drivers.

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Tim Scott posted this photo on Twitter along with the caption, "Getting to know our delivery guys," and it went totally viral. We're talking 421,000 likes and nearly 54,000 retweets. 

Of course, this tweet restarted the conversation about whether or not Carole Baskin, the owner of Big Cat Rescue and apparent victim of Joe Exotic's murder-for-hire plot, killed her second husband who had disappeared years before the show was filmed. 

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There are two camps here, and I happen to think Carole probably didn't kill her mysteriously wealthy husband who just happened to like to fly planes to South America without a pilot's license. But that's just me. 

Tim's picture, because it went so viral, also inspired a meme. People took the signs on Tim's door and wrote their own text over it, and Tim approved. 

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By the way, the answer is yes, you should definitely wash your hands. All the time. Before and after touching anything. 

One person even made a blank sheet so anyone could make their own version of this door and ask anything they want. 

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Still, the real bonus points go to the people who took this idea and ran with it, posting it up on their own doors at home. Someone else asked the same question about Carole Baskin on their door, and a FedEx worker was so excited to partake in the conversation.

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My personal favorite entry into this new meme is the person who asked a very tough life question to their delivery people. This is arguably more existential than the Carole Baskin question, even more of a thinker...

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This is a question for the ages. I personally have very strong opinions about this, and in fact, it's something I've discussed (*ahem* argued about) recently with my husband. We have differing views on the subject.

I fervently believe a hot dog is not a sandwich. You do not eat hot dogs and sandwiches the same way. They are not the same thing. The bun is held sideways. A sandwich is not. If you eat a hot dog as if it is a sandwich, you're out of your mind.

I know that I am right here. And I do not recommend being quarantined with a person who believes otherwise, who believes erroneously that a hot dog is a sandwich. 

Those people are clearly disturbed and knowing that they think this will make you question everything you've ever known and liked about them. It's a conversation I recommend waiting to have with your loved ones until this quarantine is over.

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