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10 of the Craziest Things People Have Tried to Sell on Craigslist



You can find great things on Craigslist. I found my current apartment on Craigslist! But the problem is that you can literally post about anything you want. Some people try to sell the weirdest stuff on Craigslist, and the fact that new posts pop up every day on that site leads me to believe that, somewhere out there, there are people who want to buy this weird stuff. Here are some of the most bizarre Craigslist posts... ever.

Jars of Farts

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It's weird enough that this person is selling a bunch of jars ostensibly filled with farts, but it's really the description that gets me. "Farts collected at various stages from various people and one dying goat." One! Dying! Goat! Also, "Don't ask why I have them and I won't ask why you want them," cracks me up. 

Acoustic Guitar Cover

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In the realm of things that will cover your acoustic guitar, this qualifies as one of them. However, I don't know that I would categorize this clearly used cardboard box with eBay stickers all over it an "acoustic guitar cover." Nice try, though.

Kevin, Neal, and a Fish Tank

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This guy wants to sell his old fish tank, but you gotta take Kevin and Neal, two of his worst-behaved fish, too. Kevin is a jerk and Neal is "murderous scum," so, uh, good luck with that. 

Bucket of Catfish Parts

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Speaking of fish, um, here's a bucket of catfish parts. I like how they say, "Everything's there minus the filet" like you're going to check. But hey, an extra dollar for the bucket? Count me in!

BOOBS Written on Paper

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Unfortunately, it's not clear how much this person is trying to sell the word "BOOBS" written on a piece of paper for. I will say, the handwriting is stellar and comical in its own way. I think I would pay a whole dollar for this.

Expired Chocolate Milk

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At least this person isn't trying to charge anyone for some expired chocolate milk, but still... "Late May" makes it sound like this was definitely posted after May ended, which is way too late for chocolate milk. Not to mention, who is perusing Craigslist for chocolate milk? I don't think I want to encounter that person.


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This person wants you to pay $750 for this leaning tower of kindling. It's got a tarp where the door should be and it's about to tip over. Also, those woods behind it are 100 percent haunted so... NO DEAL.


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This fur suit is definitely something else. I have so many questions, the first of which is, "What do you mean by 'real' teeth, hair, and toenails?" The second question I have is, "Do I want to know the answer to my first question?"

Chicken Teddy Bears

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No! No. Just no. To this, I say, "No." It cannot be. Get it away. I don't want it. No one wants it. I am simply done acknowledging that this thing exists now. It must be expelled from my eyeballs and brain immediately. Wow.

COVID-19 Wanted

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So, this person isn't selling anything, but they want someone with COVID-19 to come cough in their face for $100. I am at a loss for words. I get that they want to develop antibodies, but: A) No one has any idea how they will react to the virus — they could be seriously sick and even die; and B) It's not proven that having antibodies prevents you from getting the virus again. I sincerely hope no one took them up on this offer.

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