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Source: Reddit

20 of the Craziest Things People Have Tried to Sell on Craigslist and Facebook


People are deeply weird. Some days, I'm like, "Hmm, I think people are probably mostly normal." And then I will look at Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace and I will realize, no. People are not mostly normal. People are deeply off their rockers. Delusional. Insane. Just plain weird. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace specifically are filled to the brim with people trying to peddle the most bizarre things for Too Much Money. Here are some of the best (worst) ones.

Cat milk

Source: Reddit

You can't milk cats and use it in your cereal! You especially can't milk stray cats and then consume it! What diseases do those feral felines have? Do not, and I cannot stress this enough, buy feral cat milk off of someone on Facebook Marketplace.