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Source: Instagram

'Got Toddlered' Instagram Shows the Effects of Becoming a Parent


Becoming a parent does something to a person. Maybe before you went out every night and partied hard. Maybe you danced 'til the morning light. But now, you probably fall asleep on the couch at 6 p.m. with spit-up running down your shirt. It's just what happens. It's what happens to me, and I don't even have a kid yet. I'm only half-kidding. 

Got Toddlered is an Instagram account that celebrates what happens when you become a parent. They post before-and-after shots of people who've been saddled with babies. The differences are drastic.

Source: Instagram

One key difference I notice between people who are not parents and people who have kids is that the people without kids are often awake, whereas the people with children are always asleep or complaining about how they're not asleep.