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Source: Ssense

These Denim Panties Cost $315 and the Internet Is Losing It


Denim is as American as apple pie. And the stuff is pretty popular around the world. In a survey Ask Your Target Market found that 20% of respondents said they wear denim pretty much every day. 

With denim being such a huge market, fashion brands are always trying to reinvent the classic and come up with the next biggest hit. Whether it's designer duo Ksenia Schnaide, who came up with the bizarre asymmetrical jeans, or the Australian company that came up with denim panties.

Y/Project’s Navy Denim Panties, available via Australian shopping site Ssense, cost a cool $315 US. That's some expensive underwear. But to be fair, they do come with pockets, which is more than can be said for most women's apparel.