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Source: Netflix

Dennis Mojen Plays Ossi, a Wannabe Boxing Champion in 'Isi and Ossi'


Isi and Ossi isn't a story about love, but one about a business partnership. Isi (Lisa Vicari) — a twenty-something woman closely-acquainted with the extravagant lifestyle so fervently pursued by the members of high society — makes an unusual proposition for Ossi (Dennis Mojen), a heavily-indebted man who's dreaming of becoming a boxer. The new Netflix romantic comedy captures how they trick Isi's wealthy parents into thinking that they are in love, only for the plan to backfire miserably.

Dennis Mojen plays Ossi, a wannabe boxing champion.

Isi and Ossi brings into contrast two radically different worlds — the luxurious lifestyle favored by Isi and her family, and the perpetual state of financial destitution Ossi is desperate to get away from.