TikTokers Are Convinced There's Something Fishy About the Denver International Airport

There are a variety of conspiracy theories surrounding the Denver International Airport, and users on TikTok have shared their favorites.

Sara Belcher - Author

Oct. 14 2021, Published 5:59 p.m. ET

Blucifer at the Denver International Airport
Source: Denver International Airport

On TikTok, conspiracy theories tend to thrive, and many popular longtime conspiracy theories have found a new audience on the app. One of the more elaborate ones to enjoy renewed interest concerns the Denver International Airport, and suggests there's something not quite normal about the airport's campus, which is bigger than Manhattan.

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TikTok users are talking about the conspiracies surrounding the Denver International Airport.

Like most conspiracy theories on the app, the ones surrounding the Denver International Airport have taken off recently, drawing a lot of attention to some of the finer details of its design.

For starters, the blue horse outside of the airport, dubbed "Blucifer," is said to be cursed. The statue already has an eerie look to it, with red eyes in stark contrast to its bright blue exterior, but its backstory makes it even more intimidating.

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When the horse statue was being completed, a piece of it fell on designer Luis Jiménez, severing his artery and ultimately killing him.

There are also claims of Nazi, Illuminati, and Freemason symbols in the mural designs throughout the airport's interior, leading many to believe it was created by members of the New World Order. Some even claim there are a series of bunkers under the campus that are meant to house the world's elite in the event of the apocalypse.

There's also a plaque in the airport that claims the remodeling project was funded by "The New World Airport Commission," which allegedly doesn't exist. This furthers many people's theory that it has a connection to the New World Order or the Illuminati.

Other, more elaborate theories include the suggestion that there are lizard people and/or aliens living under the airport in the rumored bunkers, and that the Illuminati Headquarters is somewhere on the campus.

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Are any of these conspiracy theories real?

Of course, as with all conspiracy theories, these claims are only as true as you believe them to be, as there's no real supporting evidence for any of them.

The Denver International Airport has actually addressed all of these conspiracies on its website; there are even advertisements located around the airport poking fun at the theories.

On the Fly Denver website, the company joked about the theories as well.

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"Are we expanding the bunkers? Revamping the lizards' lairs? Giving the gargoyles a much-needed makeover?" the company wrote. "Ehh, not exactly. But if that’s what you want to believe, we’re not going to hinder your imagination. So dream on, travelers, dream on."

Alex Renteria, a spokesperson for DIA, also addressed the rumors, according to Insider. She said the "New World Airport Commission" did not refer to a specific organization.

She said the plaque was designed by Freemasons and was meant to refer to the aspiration for the airport's success. "So, we were considered a new world airport — sort of access to the world," she said.

There really isn't any evidence to support many of the theories surrounding the airport, so it's safe to say that Denver International Airport is just a bit kooky.

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