Parent Pays for “Realistic” Optimus Prime Performer, But Gets a Disappointing Party Surprise

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Apr. 14 2023, Published 8:52 a.m. ET

"Depressed" Optimus Prime Hired for Party has TikTok Cracking Up
Source: TikTok | @thatprojectorguy

Working as a children's party performer can be tough work, as kids are pretty brutal in their feedback. It can also be a bit disheartening for someone to keep up their enthusiasm for a gig if performing at parties isn't exactly what they dreamed of doing, especially around a bunch of kids who want to lob birthday cake at you when you aren't looking.

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On the plus side, it could be really fulfilling to make a kid's party special when they think that the real-life Elsa attended their birthday, or if they got a call from their favorite character.

And there are parents who are more than willing to try and make their kids' dreams come true by hiring performers that allow their kids to live out their dreams in real life.

However, sometimes, there are some performers who advertise one thing and then deliver another experience entirely.

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Source: TikTok | @thatprojectorguy

And for this TikToker (@thatprojectorguy) who hired someone to show up as Optimus Prime for their kid's birthday party, it seems like they ended up getting an entirely different enjoyment from what they were initially expecting.

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In the clip, a person can be seen dressed in a floppy, cloth Optimus Prime costume, and it seems like they stashed a hoverboard in there that allows them to lay down and roll on the ground as if he was in truck mode.

The TikToker's text overlay contains a hilarious detail about the party performer's post that had folks cracking up in the comments section of the video: "Paid a guy on Craigslist $200 who was advertising himself as a 'hyper realistic' Optimus Prime performer' to show up to my kids' birthday party as a surprise."

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depressed optimus prime party performer
Source: TikTok | @thatprojectorguy

He writes at the end of the overlay, "This is what I got," while adding in a caption for the clip: "10/10 would hire this guy again."

Folks who saw the post clearly had jokes about the situation:

"it's amazing that you got the REAL Optimus Prime"

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Another penned, "That is Optimus Prime," while someone else wrote: "Was Optimus in a drunk driving accident??"

One TikToker thought that the performer definitely warranted the cash, but just not for a hyper-realistic depiction of everyone's favorite Autobot: "On some level, this was worth $200."

The "hyper-realistic" Optimus Prime might enter the annals of party performer fail history, like the kids' Spider-Man performer who should probably get shoes with a bit of a better grip.

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Source: YouTUbe | Jonesy & Amanda

And then there are instances where the party performers aren't the ones ruining the mood with their not-so-true-to-life depictions of the characters that they dress up.

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There's this epic birthday party video of little kids' spoiled other brother trying his darndest to blow out the candles on the cake, even though it isn't his party.

However, a gentleman behind the kid, probably a dad, readied himself for the scene-stealing moment. Every time the tantrum-throwing brat tried to blow out the candles, he was ready with a plate, blocking his every move. It's one of the most satisfying videos on the internet to watch.

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Source: TikTok | @Random Legend

And then there are instances where adults end up ruining parties by unfortunately spoiling the surprise like this one drunk son caught on a doorbell camera drinking on the porch.

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He sees a gentleman, walk up to the front door and asks him how he's the last one to show up for his own party, which prompts a woman to come out of the house and chastise the young man for spilling the beans.

Source: YouTube | @Derek Lipp

Exasperated, she screams inside, "You guys can come out Derek messed this up," she screams inside, after asking him if he was drunk. His response? "Of course I am it's a party."

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