Did Benny Leave 'Bull'? He Probably Isn't Going Anywhere This Season



Benny wasn't in a good place in Bull's Season 3 finale. He learns about his sister Izzy's divorce and mourns the fact that their father would be super upset if he was around and saw this happen. After all, it's not like Benny's married and can keep the family lineage going. 

Once he finds out that Izzy and her husband are getting divorce because someone wasn't faithful, he then blames him for everything...until he learns Izzy cheated on her husband with Jason Bull. Benny tells Jason he's selfish and took advantage of his sister. Benny punches him, and quits the TAC team. Jason, upset, talks to Izzy, who says her brother will get over it, and...she and Jason are pregnant!

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Did Benny end up leaving Bull?

In the Season 4 premiere episode, "Labor Days," Jason is faced with a perplexing case. A bartender named Patricia gave a man triple the amount of alcohol a person can legally consume, and then he went home and murdered his wife. Now, Patricia is being accused of involuntary manslaughter. Jason needs Benny to win this case, and begs him to come back.

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But Benny is really adamant that he'll only return to the team once he's given the respect he deserves. He ends up coming back after Jason apologizes, and saves the day. Kind of. In court, Benny claims there is "no causation" between Patricia serving the man too many drinks and the murder itself, but the jury comes back at a 6-6 vote — they'll have to re-do the whole thing.

What was up with that flash-forward ending?

In the episode, we flash-forward 27 years. Jason and Izzy's daughter (who's pregnant) tells her husband that the charges against Patricia ended up getting dropped. She says, "The way my dad and my uncle explained it to me, he said back to them the same thing they kept saying to each other: 'I guess sometimes things just happen. Sometimes they just do." Jason and Benny call them to come inside, off-screen. 

The flash-forward means Benny is still around — and he's still friends with Jason. Bull shows the two spending New Year's Eve together. But does this mean we're now stuck with this new timeline? People are definitely confused about it (fair enough, this isn't This Is Us, after all).

It's unclear whether the new timeline will stick, but we do see Jason questioning his skills in the Episode 2 ("Fantastica Voyage") sneak peek. "Maybe I'm not good at this at all," he darkly muses. In the episode, Bull is defending a woman who everyone believes is a con artist. He tries to pick jurors who would potentially side with him and see his client as more of a visionary and less of a criminal.

Bull airs every Monday at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.

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