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Did Benny Leave 'Bull'? He Has a New Job Opportunity


Apr. 12 2021, Updated 12:21 p.m. ET

Benny (Freddy Rodriguez) hasn't been in a good place in Bull for awhile. Back in Season 3, he learned about his sister Izzy (Yara Martinez)'s divorce and mourned the fact that their father would be super upset if he was around and saw this happen. After all, it's not like Benny's married and can keep the family lineage going.

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Once Benny found out that Izzy and her husband were getting divorced because someone wasn't faithful, he then blamed the husband for everything ... until he learned Izzy cheated on her husband with Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly). Benny and Jason got into a huge fight and Benny quit the TAC team. Eventually, he came back, but Jason had to practically beg him to return.

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In Season 4, Benny's position with the team was once again put in jeopardy. In Episode 15, he collapsed to the ground and it looked as though he may not make it. Jason (as well as real-life fans of the show!) were worried that Benny might be dying ... until it was revealed in a flash-forward that he's totally fine 27 years later. Still, some people think Freddy Rodriguez, who plays Benny, may be leaving the show. Here's what we know.

Did Benny leave 'Bull'?

Thanks to the (honestly, kind of weird!) flash-forward ending of that Season 4 episode, we at least know that Benny's life isn't in danger. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that he'll be sticking around on the TAC team forever. It definitely seems as though the show has hinted that Benny might leave the team several times over the past few seasons — was his brief departure after his and Jason's fight some kind of test drive for actually leaving?

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In Season 5, Episode 2 of the show, Benny and Chunk (Christopher Jackson) are pitted against one another, representing both the plaintiff and defendant in a unique case (although at this point, aren't all of the cases unique?). Benny agrees to represent Evelyn (Dana Wheeler-Nicholson), who is suing an artist named Lily (Sasha Frolova) for the wrongful death of her daughter, Claire. Chunk simultaneously agrees to represent Lily, making for a conflict of interest.

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Benny refuses to drop Evelyn's case, forcing Bull to effectively split the law firm in order to cover both sides of the lawsuit. They choose teams and sequester themselves in different parts of the office to work on their respective cases. During the trial, Benny does some ultra-fancy lawyering and Chunk makes a huge mistake with his witness. 

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The jury winds up deadlocked until they finally come to a compromise that allows Evelyn to simultaneously win and lose — the jury finds in her favor, but Lily only has to pay her $1. Although Benny's victory is mostly symbolic, the true prize comes at the end of the episode when he is approached by a man who asks whether he'd like to run for District Attorney. If ever there were a time for Benny to leave the TAC team for good, this is probably it.

There's also the fact that on IMDb, Freddy is only listed as a cast member of Bull for the first couple of episodes of Season 5. But don't let that worry you — the same appears to be true for every cast member of the show! Apparently, that gets updated with each new episode.

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It's hard to say for sure whether Benny will leave Bull permanently. So far, Freddy Rodriguez hasn't made any kind of announcement that he'll be leaving, so at least for now, Benny fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Then again, he also hasn't made any kind of announcement that he'll definitely be staying. We'll just have to assume that no news is good news for the time being.

Bull airs every Monday at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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