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Source: Getty Images

'Bull' Fans Are Seriously Divided Over Michael Weatherly Amid Harassment Allegations

By Anna Quintana

It was just revealed that CBS paid former Bull star Eliza Dushku a $9.5 million to settle sexual harassment claims involving her co-star Michael Weatherly — and fans are extremely divided. 

While some supported the veteran TV actor — "I'm sorry but Michael Weatherly has been on CBS for years and has NEVER had one negative sexual claim against him. No I don't believe this." — others are calling for the network to fire Michael for his inappropriate behavior. "Not to make light of anything that happened to Eliza Dushku because she endured something horrible, but who the f--k is Michael Weatherly? Honestly never heard of him. CBS fired the wrong person," one person tweeted. Another agreed, adding, "Michael Weatherly is gross. Didn’t he try to get someone fired from Dark Angel because he was a romantic rival or something?? Who makes a joke about rape?" 

Others are more focused on the impact the allegations will have on Michael's family — particularly his wife.