Beyoncé Really Did Meet Selena Quintanilla at a Mall — Here's How It Actually Went Down

People who watched Part 2 of 'Selena: The Series' may be wondering about that one scene in which Beyoncé meets Selena. And yes, that actually happened.

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May 4 2021, Updated 10:23 p.m. ET

Beyonce and Selena
Source: Netflix

Spoiler warning: Spoilers ahead for Selena: The Series.

In Part Two of Selena: The Series, one legend and one legend-to-be meet. The first part, which follows the Tejano singer's life, focused a lot on Los Dinos, a band of family and friends who sang as Selena Quintanilla-Perez's backup. Part 2 is much more focused on the titular singer, who struggled with her identity in a male-dominated industry and was incredibly stressed about her career and growing fame.

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Ultimately, it paints a picture of a young star who had so much left to give and create. Part 2 also gives us a truly wonderful moment: A young Beyoncé and Tina Knowles, her mom, see Selena. Beyoncé is totally star-struck. Tina encourages baby Beyoncé to introduce herself, saying, "Beyoncé Knowles, you better learn not to be afraid of people if you ever wanna be famous too," and Bey gives her a meek greeting. This has us wondering if Queen Bey actually met Queen Selena in the '90s.

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Did Beyoncé really meet Selena Quintanilla?

It's true: Beyoncé really did meet Selena, and she's actually spoken about it before. She told MTV tr3s that she ran into her at the Galleria Mall in Houston, Texas, but didn't say much because Selena was incredibly famous and she wasn't (yet!): "But I didn't say much to Selena because I wasn't a celebrity and I just saw her and said 'hello' and kept it moving. Definitely, growing up in Texas, I heard her on the radio," Beyonce said.

She added, "I think she is a legend and I admire her. And she was so talented. So I'm very happy that I met her, even though she didn't know who I was. I'm still excited that I got that opportunity." We'd like to think in an alternative universe these two would have been friends and collaborated together. 

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It's not totally shocking Beyoncé and Selena would run into each other. They were both born in Texas — Selena is from Lake Jackson and moved to Corpus Christi (before she became famous), while Beyoncé was actually born and raised in Houston. The two are only 10 years apart in age; Beyoncé is 39, which would make Selena only 49 had she lived. Can you imagine this iconic duo now? We have shivers.

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The brief scene between young Beyoncé and Selena has the internet reeling. "Pause they wrote Miss Tina and childhood Beyoncé into the Selena script," someone tweeted.

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Another commented, "Adding the moment Beyoncé and Selena crossed paths in the series was cute. A lot of folks don’t understand the influence Selena had on us Texans. Spanish speaking or not. We loved her." 

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"Like I knew Beyonce been a fan of Selena but that scene," someone wrote and added a very appropriate still from Marriage Story.

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And a lot of people actually remember the interview Beyoncé gave in which she mentioned meeting Selena: "No but this (at least the part about Beyoncé seeing Selena and being too shy to talk to her) actually happened, Beyoncé has talked about it before!" someone tweeted.

Selena: The Series Part 2 is available to stream on Netflix now.

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