'Return to Amish' Fans Think That Chapel Straight-up Lied About Having Cancer

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Apr. 13 2021, Updated 9:12 a.m. ET

Chapel from 'Return to Amish'
Source: Twitter

Reality TV stars have their ups and downs and sometimes it's that tempestuous, peripatetic nature that draws viewers into watching their hijinks. However, when the TV cameras are no longer rolling, some of these same people have a hard time adjusting to life off of a production schedule. 

Other times, it's their behavior that gets them booted from the show in the first place. This seems to have happened to Chapel on Return to Amish. Her sudden departure left lots of fans wondering if she died.

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Did Chapel die on 'Return to Amish'? No, she's very much alive.

There are a few reasons for Chapel's disappearance from the show, but just to set the record straight, the reality TV personality is not dead. She has been under the radar following some dramatic things that have transpired in her life.

First, back in 2016 it was reported by TMZ that she was involved in a huge 27-person drug bust and was "was charged with possession with intent to distribute and for having paraphernalia."

Then there was the mysterious case of the "clean urine" that she was found to be supplying to someone so they could pass a drug test. Prior to that, Chapel was also arrested for possessing both heroin and Valium, along with paraphernalia to use said drugs.

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did chapel on return to amish die
Source: Facebook

Chapel's substance use disorder has been well-documented over the years. She is also a cancer survivor, and some have thought that the treatment of her illness on the show was "milked" in a way to create more salacious storylines for TV.

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Others allege that Chapel openly lied about her cancer, something that production either didn't know about or worked with Chapel to fudge.

Starcasm wrote about Chapel's illness: "Other events occurring on the show are happening right around Groundhog Day, which would put filming in late January, early February — months after Chapel would have first received the bad news about her cancer returning from her doctor."

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The outlet continued, "So I assume Chapel, [her husband] Andrew, and the rest of the cast were asked to recreate all of those scenes, and obviously these aren't actors, so of course the scenes come across as a little staged."

It didn't help that scenes that depicted both Chapel and Andrew walking into a doctor's office actually showed them walk into a massage parlor.

So it's safe to assume that production knew they were "covering" aspects of Chapel's cancer diagnosis for the camera. Kate Stoltz, a cast member on the show, said that Chapel had straight-up fibbed about her cancer, too.

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Kate believes that Chapel was not facing possible death while filming 'Return to Amish.'

Stoltz stated Chapel "was NOT doing chemo when the show was filmed. She was in remission and had us all fooled into thinking she was very sick," in now deleted tweets. Kate followed up by saying that Chapel was using the faux-diagnosis in order "to cover up a heroin addiction."

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So what happened to Chapel? She got out of prison in December of 2016. In January of 2019 she posted to Facebook stating that she was three years sober from substance abuse and that she "had to leave punxsy and start a new life where I knew no one to maintain sobriety."

The post has since been made private, and few people know what the Return to Amish personality has been doing since then. However she stated in 2016 she wasn't returning to the program and neither was Andrew.

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