Anna Faris Opened Up About Discovering Her Ex Cheated — but Was It Chris Pratt?

Did Chris Pratt cheat on Anna Faris? The actress opened up about finding out that her ex cheated while speaking on her podcast with Kat Von D.

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Apr. 27 2020, Updated 3:49 p.m. ET

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When news broke that Anna Faris and Chris Pratt were getting a divorce in 2017, there was a public outcry that love was dead. The couple had been married for eight years, and they shared adorable son Jack together. In their statement announcing the split, they spoke about remaining on amicable terms. Anna even later jokingly offered to officiate Chris's 2019 wedding to Katherine Schwarzenegger. 

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But, on Anna's podcast, Unqualified, she and guest Kat Von D talked about cheating exes. Kat has previously been open about getting cheated on, but Anna's perspective on the matter was new information to the public. Anna noted that an ex cheated on her for years before she was able to leave him. Fans are now wondering if Anna was talking about Chris Pratt and if that was the reason for their divorce. Did Chris Pratt cheat on Anna Faris

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Did Chris Pratt cheat on Anna Faris?

Anna and Chris were one of Hollywood's most beloved couples, which made it all the more surprising when Anna dropped a bombshell about cheating to Kat Von D. The pair was discussing cheating exes when Anna said that she suspected that she was being cheated on, but she still stayed in the relationship for several more years because she didn't want to seem "crazy" for doubting her partner.

"I woke him up in the middle of the night, and was like 'Are you f--king so and so?' and he was like 'You're crazy,' she said.

She went on to say that she has a tendency to trust people too much in relationships.

"I'm pretty oblivious sometimes, you know, especially in relationships. Of course, I don't want to believe anything, but there was that gut feeling that was starting to grow more and more," she noted.

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She went on to talk about feeling ashamed for even doubting her partner, but that she didn't want to come across as obsessive. 

"Not to be too gender-specific, I do think as women we’re sort of taught to suppress fear or suspicion, because we might be deemed as suspicious, or neurotic, or crazy," she admitted.

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Her suspicions were later confirmed when several of her friends admitted that they knew about the cheating.

Anna didn't name which of her exes was the one who cheated on her. Before her eight year marriage to Chris began, Anna was married to actor Ben Indra from 2000 to 2007.

In the past, Anna discussed how, after meeting Chris on set of the film Take Me Home Tonight, the pair hung out at Chris's apartment, and she realized that she needed to get divorced.

Though Anna isn't likely to spill the beans as to which one of her famous exes cheated on her, she has clearly moved on with beau Michael Barrett. While engagement rumors have been circulating between the pair for some time now, Anna is finally giving the public a bit of clarity.

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Is Anna Faris engaged to Michael Barrett?

Anna has been seen publicly sporting what appears to be an engagement ring. She began dating cinematographer Michael Barrett after they met on set of Overboard

After attending a dinner with Michael, Anna addressed photographers who congratulated her on their engagement. She thanked them, and she later said she wasn't in wedding planning mode yet.

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Prior to this interaction with the paparazzi, Anna had remained tightlipped about the engagement rumors. After divorcing Chris, she admitted that she was disillusioned with the idea of getting married again. She later changed her tune... sort of.

"I will say I believe in love and monogamy and I believe in the commitment with a relationship." she said. "But I do struggle, having gone through it a couple of times now... with the idea of our legal system. I struggle with that on kind of a feminist level."

We're still waiting on Chris Pratt to offer to officiate Anna's wedding. 

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