People Are Convinced That Princess Diana and Prince Charles Had a Secret Child

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Apr. 26 2021, Published 4:49 p.m. ET

Princess Diana
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Even if you aren't from a country that recognizes the British royal family, you are likely as enamored with them as the rest of the world. And when it comes to Princess Diana, it's hard not to buy into all of the rumors, conspiracies, and wild stories that have come and gone over the years. The latest one making the rounds — not for the first time — is that Princess Diana had a secret daughter.

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Let that sit for a minute. The idea that Princess Diana not only had a daughter but somehow kept her secret is pretty wild to think about. But some people are convinced that this is one rumor about the royal family that must be true. And after watching The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess, they might be inclined to go deeper down that rabbit hole.

princess diana and prince charles
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Did Princess Diana have a secret daughter?

The theory about Princess Diana and Prince Charles having a secret baby has been around for years. And, every now and then, it seems to pop back up, depending on how many people suddenly discover the rumor floating around on the internet.

The story is that Princess Diana was made to freeze some of her eggs prior to marrying Prince Charles. They were fertilized to make sure that Diana was capable of bearing children, according to the rumor, but after marrying Prince Charles, they were said to have been destroyed.

The theory goes on to allege that the embryos weren't actually destroyed and that instead, a fertility doctor implanted one in his wife, thus conceiving Princess Diana's secret daughter. Of course, there is no proof that this wild theory is true. The idea that Princess Diana's eggs were frozen prior to marrying Prince Charles has not even been substantiated. So it does not look like Princess Diana had a secret daughter.

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'The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess' goes into detail about her marriage to Prince Charles.

Even though it's clear that the conspiracy theory about Princess Diana's secret daughter is just that — a conspiracy — the documentary on Reelz does dive into Princess Diana's life and very real unhappiness with Prince Charles.

Not only did Princess Diana speak on being mistreated by the family, but according to the documentary, she also claimed the other royals had supported Prince Charles' affections for Camilla Parker Bowles, whom he eventually married.

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There are other wild conspiracies about the British royal family.

If you thought the theory about Princess Diana having a biological daughter unbeknownst to her is ridiculous, there are plenty of other stories that people have come up with over the years about the other members of the royal family. Some are convinced that, somehow, Princess Margaret had a secret love child with Peter Townsend, with whom she had a romance before she eventually got married.

There have also been theories over the years about Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge using surrogates for at least one of their pregnancies each.

Like the theory regarding Princess Diana's alleged daughter, there hasn't been any proof to back these up. But it's hard not to get totally caught up in the royal family and all of its ongoing drama.

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