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Fluid style with a smile.

Elissa Noblitt - Author

Apr. 12 2024, Published 2:00 p.m. ET

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If you're on the fashion side of TikTok, then you may be familiar with charismatic creator David Ross Lawn. Known for their eclectic, fluid, and honestly adorable vintage style, David is constantly turning heads and earning smiles from both internet viewers and strangers on the street. Though he's known for his playful outfit check videos (which sometimes feature wholesome cameos from onlookers) and gorgeous style, apparently fashion isn't his only talent — David is also a photographer, composer, pianist, and opera singer. How can one single person be so talented, you ask? Listen, we don't know either.

Distractify chatted with David to learn about his dream job, his childhood celebrity crush, and more.

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If you had to get a tattoo right now, what would it be?

DRL: I currently don’t have any tattoos, but I would love to have a couple of tiny, symbolic, folkloric ones. I’m a big believer in, ‘When it’s the right time, it’s the right time,’ especially for tattoos!

What’s your most-used emoji?

DRL: Eternally using the dark academia emoji combinations: The brown heart emoji is my most used! 🤎

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Source: David Ross Lawn

Talk about the best fan interaction you’ve ever had.

DRL: I have some really beautiful fan interactions on video which is super fun; my favorite one recently was during the most recent New York Fashion Week. I was coming home from a runway and photo shoot late at night, and a girl on the subway recognized me. We got the whole thing on video, and I asked her if she’d like to be in a video. So wholesome and so fun!

It’s always so fun when someone knows me from the internet. Makes my day!

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What was the moment you felt like you had "made it" on social media?

DRL: There are so many answers I have for this! Any time someone recognizes me in public makes me realize that I’m creating a memorable impact on lots of people, and it happens a lot these days! :’) Getting verified across Instagram and TikTok was also a big boost for me. Being recognized as a public figure on both of the apps that I use definitely feels great.

Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

DRL: OK, so one of my first shows was Paramore, and I remember seeing Hayley Williams on one side of the stage and Zac Farro on the other. I remember turning to my friend and being like, ‘I think i like both of these people,’ and we burst out laughing and continued flailing around to the music. Such a beautiful and fun memory!

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Shout out one of your favorite fellow creators!

DRL: This one is so easy: Sara Camposarcone! My unhinged creative fashion bestie. She inspires me with every post, and I’m thrilled to call her a friend. Even though she lives in Canada we get to see each other every New York Fashion Week!

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Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to fashion?

DRL: My inspirations definitely come from a lot of different things! Folklore, magic, imagination, Victorian-era style (not the values though, of course), some fictional characters like Anne with an E, TV shows like Little Women, and Harry Potter — minus the [anti-trans beliefs] of JK Rowling obviously.

If you couldn’t be a content creator, what would your dream job be?

DRL: Aside from creating content, I’m a musician! I sing opera, musical theatre, play piano, and I teach all of those things twice a week. I also do photography for music publications and for various clients!

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Talk about the best meal you've ever had.

DRL: CINNAMON ROLLS — literally my favorite treat ever.

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What's one thing that has surprised you about your internet success?

DRL: I didn’t realize the value that I could bring to a brand to sell a new collection or show it off to the world! Content creators have so much worth for advertising; it’s so cool how endless the possibilities can be for brands when they work with creators!

If you could hang out with any celebrity for a day, who would it be and why?

DRL: My favorite celebrities are musicians that I’ve seen live but would LOVE to see in-person and hang out. Getting coffee with Phoebe Bridgers or Florence and the Machine would make my heart so happy. One time I met Lucy Dacus in an elevator and she complimented my outfit; it’s one of my favorite memories, TBH.

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What’s your go-to karaoke song?

DRL: Depends on the vibe. If I want a main character energy, I’ll be that person that sings an Italian aria, LMFAO. If there’s a lot of alcohol going 'round, probably something by Queen.

What’s your No. 1 distraction?

DRL: My biggest distraction is sad music: Sometimes I’ll get so fixated on the lyrics of a song that I have to sit down on the nearest bench and cry, LOL. Empathetic Pisces behavior.

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