"Good Samaritan" Offers to Help Home Depot Customer Load Truck, Then Demands Payment

"Bro really acted like he helped you move a mountain," one person wrote.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Apr. 11 2024, Updated 4:30 p.m. ET

Sometimes, folks will scour parking lots, loitering there in the hopes of finding easy marks in order to try and sell them a sob story in an attempt to hustle some cash out of them.

And if you were to head to Home Depot, there's a good chance you'll find some dudes rocking work boots and flannels who are standing outside, offering daily work for cash.

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For TikToker @huqase2262305, it seems that he was able to come into contact with someone who performed a hustle that was disguised as help-for-hire while moving something up a ramp into a moving truck during a visit to Home Depot.

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The TikToker just so happened to be recording his experience at the retailer when the man approached him. The entire interaction is a bit infuriating, especially because the man who helps the TikToker initially did so under the guise of him just trying to help him out.

The TikToker writes in a text overlay of the video: "Watch me basically get robbed in the Home Depot parking lot." The clip appears to be a recording from inside of a moving truck, where the social media user documents himself attempting to bring an item into the vehicle's bed.

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He then writes that a "'good samaritan' randomly walks up and 'helps'" him push a cart up the ramp of the truck" but it soon becomes apparent that the individual wasn't performing a random act of kindness, but expected to be compensated for his offer of help.

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The TikToker then thanks the individual for their assistance, but the person refuses to leave without getting some form of compensation.

"Me: thanking him and preparing to go about my day," he writes in an overlay of the video.

"Dude: no"

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"Me in my head: 'wait wtf?'"

"Dude: I did work for you."

The TikToker then nervously laughs in an attempt to dispel the awkwardness of the situation, but the individual remains steadfast in his assertion that he's owed some money.

The faux samaritan then continues to talk, referencing that he's not able to find any work, but the TikToker understands what's going on. He tells the man that he "appreciates" the help before attempting to go about his business.

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"Dude: tries to guilt trip me into paying him"

The TikToker writes that the man starts making a payment gesture with his hands while demanding he be given cash from the social media user.

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In that instant, he looks towards the camera and it pans in on his face. Another overlay of writing in the video reveals the various choices he was considering in that moment.

"*weighing pros and cons of A. arguing, B. ignoring, C. roundhouse kicking, or D. just paying*"

In the end, he just decided to give the guy some money, stating that he ultimately folded.

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As he walked to the man, he "calculated that the going rate for 20 seconds of unwanted work is"

"Pays dude literally $1,000 an hour to go away"

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The man looks at the money the TikToker gives him and he's clearly not satisfied with the amount. The TikToker quips in another overlay: "*clearly used to getting paid at least $2k an hour"

He adds again at the end of the video, "*not thankful at all that i just let myself get swindled*"

TikTokers couldn't believe that he actually gave the man cash for what was clearly a hustle.

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"Bro really acted like he helped you move a mountain," one person wrote. Another penned, "ain’t no way you gave in and gave him money."

Someone else said that they would've handled the matter a bit differently: "Boy I woulda rolled it back out and up again by myself to make my point"

Another person questioned why they would give him any many in the first place: "Why would you give him anything I would’ve given him a dollar and been like that’s all I got"

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